How to Hire Childcare Provider

Many people are not sure about the choices they have to make and the impact it will have on them. For instance, you may want to hire childcare provider so you can take a load off your shoulders, but you have to consider all the pros and cons you will deal with. If you want to find someone overseas, you will need to apply for the LMIA as well.

If you are looking for the best impact it can have on your family, you should hire a live in nanny. This means she will stay in your home all the time and you will know the little ones will be taken care of. There are a few things you need to focus on from the start so you can be sure you are making the right choice for you and for the entire family.

One of the main reasons why you want to hire childcare provider to live with you is due to the job you have and the career opportunities you want to make the most of. The person who will live with you will not have any problems when it comes to matching your working schedule. Thus you can focus on the job and all the tasks you have to do.

The focus of the nanny has to be on your child above all else. Many nannies turn to this as a second job and they will have a number of issues to think about as a result. Once you will hire a live in caregiver, you can be sure they do not focus on anything other than what they have to do and thus they will be able to handle all their chores properly.

If you are planning a trip and you want to enjoy the best parts of your destination without worrying for the little one all the time, the nanny will be available to travel with you at the same time. This will offer you a lot more freedom and you will enjoy some amazing moments with your partner. You can plan vacations more often thanks to this.

There are some things you will need to worry about at the same time. As long as you will have a new person living in the same house, your privacy will go out the window. If you hire someone who is not from the same country, the cultural differences as well as certain communication issues may be added to the list, but you can get through them.

If you decide that the pros are more than the cons and you are looking for a nanny overseas, you have to focus on the LMIA. If you want to be sure you will work with the right person, you have to think ahead of time and you must put things in motion months in advance. You can rely on the team at to help you every step of the way.

Managing Behavior of Your Children

It is not unknown, that managing kids through their growing up years has never been an easy job. Ask any parent about it and the answer will be mostly that it is very challenging to manage kids in their growing up years. Though, children are naughty and this behavior is quite natural, managing them properly is quite important.

Here are a few tips on how you can deal with misbehavior of your kids.

Give Time – Your time is probably the best gift a child could get. More so in the present times when children have working parents. Children need attention and if you are not giving them attention they would find out ways sometimes to garner your attention. So, give them as much time you can and engage with them through play or conversation.

Setting rules – This is one of the most important points to be considered. A clear set of rules need to be made and explained to your child. Though it is advisable that you don’t overload them with many many rules but have some really necessary ones. If you child is young, you need to explain them the rules in a language they can clearly understand.

Rewards – Reward your kids for good behavior but not with toys or food but with feelings, praises and applauds, smileys on their hand or stars or playing their favorite book and likes.

Consequences – As much important it is to set realistic and clear rules and put them across to the child, it is important to explain your child about the consequences as well. These rules have to be reinforced continuously even if they are small and simple ones. One of the examples would be when your child destroys something that is important, you have to ask the child to work that suits the child for it.

Consistency– Children never tend to follow rules and it is only repetition or consistency in the rules that could help you discipline your child in a certain way.

Self Regulation – Children do follow foot steps of kids and hence you as a parent need to follow what you preach. If you tend to disrespect or shout at your child all the time and not handle the situation calmly, then your child is most likely to follow you foot steps. So, take care of your own behavior before trying to regulate your child’s behavior.

Parents, There Is No Instructional Manual

I can still remember years ago when my wife first came to me with the great news that she was pregnant. In less than a year we would be new parents to a baby girl. I also can still remember what we did next. We went out to the bookstore and bought a big stack of parenting books so that we could be the best parents possible. There was a lot of good information out there in all of those parenting books. Looking back and thinking about it all these years later I can still also remember feeling really overwhelmed by all the information in those books.

Fast-forwarding to today, seventeen years and five kids later, I now have a perspective that I think I can share to ease the stress of being a new parent. And here it is, even though there is a mountain of parenting information out there that is causing us data overload, most of it doesn’t really pertain to you. So, the good news is that now you can ignore most of the parenting information and advice out there that has been overwhelming you.

You see, this may sound crazy when one thinks about how many books and posts have been written on parenting, but the honest truth is that there is no parenting manual out there. At least, no parenting manual designed specifically for you and your specific situation. You see, the only person that could possibly design a circumstance-specific parenting manual for just you, and only you, is actually you. You and only you can create the manual that is right for you.

Now as my Granddaddy always said, “Go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us.” Move forward with a parent’s instinct and love for their own child, and you’ll do fine by your child, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed and occasionally inept. Do this and you will be the one writing your own parenting manual. And once again parents, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

How to Improve Eating Habits of Kids

Kids are known to be fussy eaters and moms always have had tough times managing their diet and more so improving their food habits. Though, there are many cases where kids are fond of food and ask for it on and off. These moms are one of the lucky ones, apparently. But, for those whose kids are very picky about food or refuse food, its tough and stressful at times.

Breakfast – One of the most important meals of the day, a breakfast is not just mandatory for adults but even for kids. After a long overnight fast its important that the kid has breakfast within half and hour of waking up.

Dairy Products – Just giving milk does not suffice. More the milk, more the kids fills filled up. Yes it is a vital part of Diet of a child but limit it in a way that it does not affect the kids food habits. So, including dairy products like paneer, cheese and yoghurt is rather a good idea. Yoghurt particularly is a must have becoz it improves appetite and helps in digestion.

Favorite Foods – Giving junk food is not beneficial in anyway to the kid but trying out the healthy options as per your kid’s favorites is a good idea. It motivates the kid to eat. For example if you kid likes puri, you may as well make a palak or methi poori, so that veggies are included.

Cook Smart – Most of the kids fuss about eating roti and veggies but as veggies need to go, we have to find a new way out. Be it making mix vegetable paratha, of mix veg idli or appam, vegetable sandwich you can cook recipes smartly that are tempting as well.

Sample Menu – Here is an example of the food routines for your kid. Keep it balanced and add a dash of motivation to allure your kid to it.

Breakfast – Egg, milk, veggie paratha or whole grain bread, wheat muffin, cheese

Mid Morning- 1 fruit or juice

Lunch – 2 servings of veggies with rice or chicken/fish, curd rice with fruit or curd with fruit

Evening – Any savory and milk

Dinner – Rice/ Roti with 2 veggies, 1 fruit

The menu can be altered across the week in order to keep the interest of the child and balance the nutrients intake as well.

Well, improving food habits of children is not a cake walk definitely but working smart with tons of patience on hand, you can possibly accomplish this daily mission almost successfully.

Teaching Self Regulation To Your Kids

Most of you parents might have come across tantrums, meltdowns and mis-behaviors of your growing toddlers and would definitely agree that managing their emotions or regulating their emotions is a bump ride all together. As stressful it is for kids, it is for the parent as well. Then there are kids who would throw tantrums and meltdowns, showdowns are very regular as frequent as daily basis. Parents have their own ways of handling their kids but many of us as parents are not aware of the facts that dealing with self regulation of your child is a game of patience and self regulation first.

Well, you as a parent need to know that simply scolding, time outs and reacting ain’t going to help you find a way. Here’s how you can guide your child and help him or her with self regulation –

Help them with being patient – Whenever you want to give something to the child, do not give it immediately. Help the kid get a hang of patience and know well that you do not get everything in life at jet speed and that you need to wait at times for a short or long period as well.

Involve them in decision making – Smaller decisions like selecting a dress to wear or selecting tiffin snacks can help them making a plan or a decision when in a situation. It will help hone their decision making skills. Start with two options and increase later on.

Playing games that involve controls – This is one of the fun ways to teach your child self regulation while engaging with the child in games like slow down speed up games, dance and freeze game, to name a few.

Acknowledge their self regulation issues – After all, you are dealing with kids and as difficult it is to bear, it is difficult for them to regulate themselves when upset, frustrated or angry. So, its nice to acknowledge their feelings. For example if your child is unable to wait for something are going to give them and want it instantly, you can acknowledge the child saying that you know how hard it is to wait for something and that he would get it, its just a matter of waiting some time.

Celebrate their good deeds – If they show some emphathy or kindness towards others, give them a pat on their back or simply let them know that it was nice of them to do so. This will motivate them to repeat such acts.

Well, Having said that, you need to always keep it on your mind that these are just toddlers and will not robots who would be remote controlled by you. There will be times they would not listen, they would throw tantrums and more. But, if you help them like torch bearer, the will definitely learn and grow into human beings capable of regulating their emotions well.

Valuable Parenting Tips For Preschoolers That You Need Right Now!

Little Vihaan is just a little above two years – two years two months to be precise. His parents have enrolled him in a pre-school close to their house. But the concern is that even after two weeks of being sent to the pre-school, little Vihaan is crying profusely till the time he finds his mother in front of his eyes.

Now the concerned mother is hunting for parenting tips for preschoolers across all the parenting groups and forums in the social media. Her question – is this normal? Does this happen to every kid? How long will it take for her son to be comfortable with the idea of going to school? When will be that one bright morning when he will wave her with a smile and walk into the school corridors with confidence? How long for that day when she will wave back with and assuring smile and a sigh of relief!

Parenting Tip To Understand Separation Anxiety

Yes. This is the typical case of separation anxiety. Yet another phase of parenthood that comes with its own share of pain and tears. And here the best parenting tip is to have a lot of patience, will power and cool nerves to deal with it.

The kid has just taken his first step towards the outer world. They are just too small and tender between two to two and a half years of age to leave their comfort zone. Even for the parents it is difficult to leave the apple of their eyes in the hands of strangers. However at the same time, they want the best for the kid.

The Best Way To Deal With Separation Anxiety

As discussed earlier the best ever parenting tips for preschooler would be to have patience. If the parents show calmness and determination that automatically transfers to the child. Even when a child falls down, his first reaction is to look at his parent’s reaction. If his parents just maintain a smile and pat him saying it’s alright, he gets up, dusts himself and continues playing. The same reassurance is needed at every step; particularly when he starts schooling

Summer Time Activities For Kids

Summer is round the corner and so are summer holidays. Parents as usual are trying to figure out summer activities for keeping their kids engaged. It is apparently a real good idea and a step in the right direction for parents. Health experts have always been of the view to keep your kids from being couch potatoes hooked to the tablet or play station or TV and rather spend time outdoors and even if its indoors they are engaged into activities, worthwhile. Their statistics say that in USA over 5000 kindergartners and first graders doubled their weight during summer vacations. As per experts it is important for kids to exercise for atleast 60 minutes daily.

So, here are a few tips on who you can keep your kids engages into indoor and outdoor activities.

Toys in sight – Keep their toys like hoola hoop, cycle, ball well in sight so that kids can view and pick them up easily. This idea is a definite hit for most of the times.

Play with your kids – After a Sunday lunch or a early dinner don’t sit and watch tv together instead go out for a stroll, play outside with the dog or have a badminton session of half n hour before you head to bed.

Activities as rewards – You can keep certain activities that interest your kids as rewards. For example you can tell your child that they could get an extra hour to play their favorite sport against something else.

Invite Friends – If friends are around kids tend to get more indulged into what they are doing. So, try to invite some friends with their kids at home and plan some outdoor play together or indoor games like carrom, chess and more.

Adventure Sports – Adventures are a definite yes, but adult supervision is a must. So, go to water parks or amusement parks, or cycling, hiking or surfing but be alert and super surveilant on your kids when indulging into such activities.

Well, keeping your kids engaged can help you find yourself as well and get you an opportunity to spend quality time with them while exercising your body. So, this summer have a cooler plan, a plan that not only keeps you kids active but even strengthens your family bond while giving rewarding you with sweet memories for life.

Teaching Your Kids to be Responsible

Teaching responsibility to kids isn’t a cake walk alright, but it is yet to be inculcated at grass root level so that they grow up to become disciplined human beings and citizens. Responsibility, the word however heavy it may sound, needs to be brought forward amongst children in way that it is something that is not a burden but something that gives happiness.

So, its not really about teaching your kids to take up their responsibility but to inculcate in them the values of team work and power of contribution. If we are supportive with them, and guide them through like torch bearers, kids can turnout to be responsible. Here are a few strategies you may put into practice to get the best out of them

I clean. My mess – Before you teach it to your child to be responsible you be responsible yourself. Its like asking a child to organise the toys he or she’s thrown around alongside you yourself arranging your desk or cupboard for that reason. Further you can also help your child with the cleaning work so that you are not

Offer a helping hand – Its not about the kid doing all his or her chores out of compulsion but more about being happy in cleaning up or organizing or contributing to the family. Even if you have to help out the child around twenty thirty times do it.

Let your child take decisions in difficulty – Many of us parents rush to our kids rescue when caught in difficulty

Accountability – Its again starts at home. You make promise to your child, you need to fulfill it. If you are not responsible then don’t expect it from the child.

Motivate. Don’t label – If you see your child is not doing the drill, don’t label him or her off as an irresponsible instead motivate and mould them to be responsible, to take care of their stuff and organization skills.

No Blame Games – Get the blaming each other crap out of your house. Instead inculcate team work. Blaming is the opposite of unconditional love. Therefore takeup a responsibility and do it. Your kid is following your foot steps and would definitely catch up.

As for toddlers you can give them charge of certain decisions like choosing how much to eat, options of eating, not more than two or three. This way they get a choice to decide and do up their responsibility as well.

Having said that, it’s not childs play to mould your kids into responsible ones and requires a lot of patience, but with dedication it is possible to do so, for sure.

What Kind of a Parent Are You?

A child is like clay, you mould it the way you move your hands, so you are the artist and if you want to churn out a masterpiece out of him or her, you need to be good in first place. Every parent has their own way of parenting which might differ in one ways than more from any other parent. But, do you know what kind of a parent are you. Read more to find out if you your style of parenting is on the list and whether its working wonders or probably hampering your child’s growth.

Do you keep Comparing? – You might have come across this kinds many a times. Such style of parenting is all about comparing your child with other children around and telling your child to be like them. Apparently, it does the exact opposite. It instills feelings of self-pity, self-esteem and worthlessness. Not empathizing with the child can easily aid in deforming the personality of the child.

Are you a passive parent? – Yes, saying yes to every requirement need and want of the child and not participating with the child in their activities can make the child an over confident person when he or she grows up. Such children cannot accept criticism or mistakes positively.

Do you beat your child? – Giving your child a whack here and there is fine but being abusive is what can transform your child into an adult bearing an extreme personality. You might not be aware of a few facts on mental health but being abusive could damage the cognitive development of the child

Are you uninvolved parent? – As an uninvolved parent you won’t be knowing much about your child, be it about what he or she did at school, about homework of the child and are least bothered about whom your child is spending time or hanging out. When you do this, your child will adapt and raise himself or herself. Such children do suffer with self-esteem issues. They might end up performing poorly at school and experience behavioral problems, sadness often.

Are you an authoritative Parent? – If you are an authoritative parent, it’s kind of my way or highway take on your children. You will want your children to do only what you want them too and nothing else and breaking their rules means facing punishment. Children controlled by authoritative can grow up to become aggressive and turn hostile. But, if authoritative parents modify their style into using positive discipline strategies like praises and rewards for good behavior then children of such parents grow up to be happy and successful kids. They become responsible and are comfortable expressing their opinions.

So, if you kind of feel that you are one of the above try to mend your ways to positive yet disciplined parenting and help your kids grow up as happy and responsible adults.

Tips to be Kept in Mind While Choosing a Daycare For Your Child

These days managing kids while both parents are working is a very difficult task. You as parents are not able to give time to your kids as a major chunk of your time is spent at office and when home, you are so exhausted, stressed and tired that you ultimately give up to television and other gadgets that ensure that your kids are hooked to them and do not cause any bottleneck for you. Even you tend to unwind or relax in front of your television sets of tablets. But, be aware that its simply convenient for you, but harmful for your kids mental health. It impact the psychology of the child deeply because of the very little or no time you get to spend with your child.

Additionally children many a times become soft targets to parents, to vent their frustration and anger of office at home on them. Parenting is a huge responsibility and often you don’t gauge what’s coming when you plan a child. It’s only when you actually become a parent is when the enlightenment about the never ending responsibilities happens. When working parents do not have their own parents to be with their children is when the day care option is chosen.

Parents either go for a care taker or nanny or day care alternative. But, do you as a parent bother to carry out a check about the day care before you admit your child there. Here are a few tips to help you find a suitable day care for your child.

Location – The near the better. Go for a day care that is either near to your office or home. This will make it easy for you to pick up and drop and even in times of emergency. Plus, you will save time on commuting to far off day care, thus utilize the time to spend with your child.

Testimonial – If you have neighbors or friends who leave their child or children in day care, enquire from them. As there are umpteen day care facilities available, it’s very difficult to make the right choice. Testimonials can help a lot in shortlisting the good few.

Infrastructure – Infrastructure is vital. The day care should provide good facility as far as cleanliness, healthcare and hygiene is concerned as children are prone to infections.

Personal Visit – When you go for a visit, jot down the questions you need to ask and facilities you need to check on. Take the checklist along so that you do not forgot anything that is important and to be discussed out or checked out. Check for child caregiver ratio, food type and quality, cleanliness, bathrooms and nap rooms, TV schedule and their routine they follow with kids.

Safety & Discipline – Do check out for what safety measure have been put in place and the disciplinary measures they use with children and if you approve of them.

Child Comfort – If the child’s school has a reliable day care, the child would more or less be comfortable there else if you happen to narrow down one or two, take your child to visit the facility and see how he or she feels when out there.

Well, you need to do your homework before putting your child into a day care facility because after all your child is going to spent a major chunk of the day in that space and that too without you to keep an eye over.