Parents, There Is No Instructional Manual

I can still remember years ago when my wife first came to me with the great news that she was pregnant. In less than a year we would be new parents to a baby girl. I also can still remember what we did next. We went out to the bookstore and bought a big stack of parenting books so that we could be the best parents possible. There was a lot of good information out there in all of those parenting books. Looking back and thinking about it all these years later I can still also remember feeling really overwhelmed by all the information in those books.

Fast-forwarding to today, seventeen years and five kids later, I now have a perspective that I think I can share to ease the stress of being a new parent. And here it is, even though there is a mountain of parenting information out there that is causing us data overload, most of it doesn’t really pertain to you. So, the good news is that now you can ignore most of the parenting information and advice out there that has been overwhelming you.

You see, this may sound crazy when one thinks about how many books and posts have been written on parenting, but the honest truth is that there is no parenting manual out there. At least, no parenting manual designed specifically for you and your specific situation. You see, the only person that could possibly design a circumstance-specific parenting manual for just you, and only you, is actually you. You and only you can create the manual that is right for you.

Now as my Granddaddy always said, “Go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us.” Move forward with a parent’s instinct and love for their own child, and you’ll do fine by your child, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed and occasionally inept. Do this and you will be the one writing your own parenting manual. And once again parents, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

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