Valuable Parenting Tips For Preschoolers That You Need Right Now!

Little Vihaan is just a little above two years – two years two months to be precise. His parents have enrolled him in a pre-school close to their house. But the concern is that even after two weeks of being sent to the pre-school, little Vihaan is crying profusely till the time he finds his mother in front of his eyes.

Now the concerned mother is hunting for parenting tips for preschoolers across all the parenting groups and forums in the social media. Her question – is this normal? Does this happen to every kid? How long will it take for her son to be comfortable with the idea of going to school? When will be that one bright morning when he will wave her with a smile and walk into the school corridors with confidence? How long for that day when she will wave back with and assuring smile and a sigh of relief!

Parenting Tip To Understand Separation Anxiety

Yes. This is the typical case of separation anxiety. Yet another phase of parenthood that comes with its own share of pain and tears. And here the best parenting tip is to have a lot of patience, will power and cool nerves to deal with it.

The kid has just taken his first step towards the outer world. They are just too small and tender between two to two and a half years of age to leave their comfort zone. Even for the parents it is difficult to leave the apple of their eyes in the hands of strangers. However at the same time, they want the best for the kid.

The Best Way To Deal With Separation Anxiety

As discussed earlier the best ever parenting tips for preschooler would be to have patience. If the parents show calmness and determination that automatically transfers to the child. Even when a child falls down, his first reaction is to look at his parent’s reaction. If his parents just maintain a smile and pat him saying it’s alright, he gets up, dusts himself and continues playing. The same reassurance is needed at every step; particularly when he starts schooling

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