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Ballet Shoes 5 Words Classic, Christmas, talent, family, dance.This is one of my FAVOURITE books ever I read it year on year, often than once, and I never get bored How could I Ballet Shoes follows the Fossil sisters and their journey through life as they try to get their name into the history books because of who they are.It s a book that always makes me smile, that could cheer me up on the most mis Professor Mathew Brown or Great Uncle Mathew or Gum, lives with his niece Sylvia and her nurse Nana, and from time to time takes off on expeditions from where he brings back fossils, adding to a huge collection which has to be thinned down from time to time One day he decides to travel by sea rather than land, and from three of these voyages brings back three little babies, either orphaned or whose parents are unable to take care of them, and these three little girls are Pauline, Petrova, and Posy who comes with a pair of ballet shoes her mother gave her They take on the surname Fossil, for that is what ties them together But while Pauline dreams of being an actress, and Posy can be nothing but a dancer she is one , Petrova is happiest with cars and engines Gum hasn t returned from his latest expedition for long nor has been heard from, and money is tight, so Sylvia decides to take in boarders, and this leads not only to the children making new friends, but also entering the Children s Academy of Dancing, where Pauline and Posy are happy, and Petrova simply does all that is required of her so that she can begin earning and support the house as soon as possible that is at age 12, when no other option would be available to th The story of Pauline, Petrova, and Posy will be in my heart for life, even though I must confess that was introduced to these charming and unforgettable characters from the 1975 British television version That kind of ruined me for the book all I d do was nosh through my favorite scenes Only when I was in my 20 s did I read it cover to cover when I introduced its pleasures to a girl I was tutoring.Pauline, Petrova, and Posy are three adopted girls being raised in London in the 1930 s Because of the Depression, they get training to earn money as performers on stage Pauline turns out to have a flair for acting, and Posy turns out to be a ballerina of rare genius Petrova hates the stage, and goes along with it only because she has to Her dream is to learn to fly an airplane.It s a very different experience to love this book at age 10, read it at age 20 ish , and think about it at age 40 As a girl, I dreamed of being Posy, but I identified with Petrova, if on I had two career goals as a little girl I would be a ballerinaor a librarian, heh Well I started ballet at three and continued through college, but alas never made it to the big stage I am a librarian This is probably the first book ever where I cannot say The book is better straight away First of all, it is clear that the book is for children and the film is for the grown ups But the beauty remains in both.Pauline, Petrova and Posy are sister by accident as they were all adopted by a wealthy and nice uncle Matthew whom they called Gum, because Great Uncle Matthew G.U.M After he brought the youngest Posy home, though, he disappeared There was enough money in the bank for a couple of years, but it was not enough and soon, they ran short of it The sisters were all talented Pauline could act and recite and Posy wasn t very far from being a professional ballerina And Petrova was incredibly clever, although she was interested in cars and engines instead of performing arts As the girls grew up, they decided to act for money, so they could support their poor household They have made a vow regularly, because they believed they could achieve great things And because their names were unique, no one could say it was because of their grandfathers But the way towards their dreams isn t always easy.It is fairly obvious that some changes were required, so the film could be a family frien Thank you, Kathleen Kelly, for alerting me to the existence of this book This was really cute and heartwarming And I think it s probably time I watch You ve Got Mail again. Reading this just made me happy Ridiculous, but true It s really a lovely book, with strong, sensible characters. Reading Ballet Shoes Noel Streatfeild Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Ballet Shoes Is The Much Loved Classic By Noel Streatfield I Wonder If Other Girls Had To Be One Of Us, Which Of Us They D Choose To Be Pauline Longs To Be An Actress Petrova Is Happiest Playing With Cars And Engines And If She Could Posy Would Dance All Day But When Their Benefactor Great Uncle Matthew Disappears, The Fossil Girls Share A Future Of A Dazzling Life On Stage, Where Their Dreams And Fears Will Soon Come True Noel Streatfeild Once Said That Ballet Shoes Was Really A Fairy Story With Its Feet Half Way On The Ground A Magical Description For A Magical Book Noel Was Born In Sussex In 1895 And Was One Of Three Sisters Although She Was Considered The Plain One She Ended Up Leading The Most Glamorous And Exciting Life After Working In Munitions Factories And Canteens For The Armed Forces When WWI Broke Out, Noel Followed Her Dream Of Being On Stage And Went To RADA Where She Became A Professional Actress She Began Writing Children S Books In 1931 And Ballet Shoes Was Published In 1936 She Quickly Became One Of The Most Popular Authors Of Her Day When She Visited Puffin Exhibitions, There Were Queues Right Out Of The Building And All The Way Down The Mall She Was One Of The First Winners Of The Carnegie Medal And Was Awarded An OBE In 1983 Noel Streatfeild Lived In London She Died In 1986 Also By Noel Streatfield Ballet Shoes Tennis Shoes The Circus Is Coming The House In Cornwall The Children Of Primrose Lane CUrtain Up Party Frock The Painted Garden White Boots The Fearless Treasure The Bell Family Wintle S Wonders New Town Apple Bough A Vicarage Family The First Book Of The Ballet The Children On The Top Floor Away From The Vicarage The Growing Summer Caldicott Place Thursday S Child Beyond The Vicarage Ballet Shoes For Anna When The Siren Wailed Far To Go I picked this up because it was my partner s favourite book as a child, and I can see why.It s a very sweet tale Not enough drama, tension and danger for my past and younger self, but a sweet and uplifting book, that I think many children would still apprec When I was in my first grade, a teacher took our class to the children s library next to school to be registered I couldn t believe so many books could exist in just one place After 2 3 years it turned out that this was not enough, so I got my card in the adults library next to mine and, unfortunately, my old librarian got offended.This teacher discovered a totally new world to me I would be before the doors at 8 am waiting for it to open at 9 or wait for about 2 hours and find out it was Sunday, and they didn t work I didn t even reach the return dates, and librarians were always trying to give me 3 4 instead of 1 or 2 books They were just fetching my card without asking my details They were even letting me dig the closed sections as they shortly got lack of any suggestions.And I wish these librarians cou

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