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No, David! When Author And Artist David Shannon Was Five Years Old, He Wrote A Semi Autobiographical Story Of A Little Kid Who Broke All His Mother S Rules He Chewed With His Mouth Open And Full Of Food , He Jumped On The Furniture, And He Broke His Mother S Vase As A Result, All David Ever Heard His Mother Say Was No, David Here Is His Story. I know this is a widely popular book and to my surprise I was not to fond of it The story shows David, a young boy constantly getting in trouble and in the end shows his mother, hugging him and stating she loves him I did not like this book for many reasons.The first reason was that his mom just keeps Oh yes I ve read other people s reviews of this book I understand that it s pure catnip to Jasons, Ethans and Rebeccas throughout the land But until now, one perspective has been conspicuously absent So let me try to rectify that MY NAME IS DAVID AND I LOATHE THIS BOOK.Why Let me count the ways 1 The book s message is uniformly nihilistic throughout My daughter has me read No, David to her all the time She giggles throughout the entire book Perhaps it has something to do with the part where little David runs out of the house naked LOL A classic among children s books, this book never ceases to amuse me David distinctly reminds me of my brother when he was an innocent blond Here s one memory of his countless antics.I ve always wondered what kind

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