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The Winged Bull: Occult Fiction Reading The Winged Bull Occult Fiction Author Dion Fortune Varunahuja.live A Wise Magician Wants To Free His Sister From An Obscene And Dangerous Ritual He Summons The Ancient Cult Of The Winged Bull To Infiltrate The Black Mass In Which She Faces The Ordeal Which Will Be Literally Worse Than Death Magical Practices And Esoteric Laws Are Described In Dramatic Form Lover, The Sea Priestess, Moon Magic And The Secrets Of Dr Taverner, As Well As Several Non Fiction Studies Of The Occult.

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    My bad I thought I was picking up a pulp type novel, not a fiction designed to lead people into mystery cults I am not interested in worshiping Pan no offense, Pan, you re awesome, I m just not a joiner but even if I were

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    Published in 1935, this straddles the territory between popular and serious fiction or an attempt at it at least It is best given its rating as the former because this is not great literature but rather a fascinating insigh

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    This was a romance novel that touched on some esoteric lore I had expected rather esoteric lore and less romance novel However, the story was charming, and the characters were wonderful I especially liked the Yorkshire man

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    Way too much emphasis on the romance, but I still enjoyed reading it Not so much the plot, but the almost arcane style and language I snagged myself a beautiful 1970 s hardback of this and will be pleased to add it to my coll

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    The Winged Bull reveals hidden worlds of ritual magic without the slightest hint of pretension It is also a decent suspense story In spite of this, the novel is deeply flawed Sadly, the narrative style is far from polished The

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    The very beginning scenes at the British Museum are probably the best part of the whole book, sadly After that, there is never again as much mythologising, if one should use such a word, again The so called rituals propposed ge

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    I tried but I only got through a third of the book before giving up I was confused and couldn t get a handle on what was going on I have too many books in my TBR stash to persevere This book simply wasn t for me.

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    Amazing thriller mystery embedded with occult truths

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    Warning This book contains a heavy dose of racism, nationalism and is definately part of the time it is set in The n word appears in a very racist portrait of the enemy s butler Germans are characterized as sheep She set the book

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    I described this book to my girlfriend as like a YA novel, but for people who are older and sad I like the plot, which my instincts tell me was invented or less in the act of writing the book the whole business about Murchison ma

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