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Anew (The Archers of Avalon, #1) Reading Anew The Archers Of Avalon, 1 Author Chelsea Fine Xxlhuge.eu Two Years Ago, Scarlet Awoke In The Forest Alone, Afraid, And Unable To Remember Anything Lost And Confused, Her Life Was A Mysteryuntil She Met A Boy With A Familiar Voice Gabriel Archer Has A Voice From Her Past, And Scarlet S Determined To Remember Why She Immerses Herself In His Life Only To Discover He Has A Brother He S Kept Hidden From Her Tristan Archer Upon Meeting Tristan, Scarlet S World Becomes Even Muddled While She S Instinctively Drawn To Gabriel, She S Impossibly Drawn To Tristan And Confused Out Of Her Mind As She Tries To Piece Together Her History Scarlet Realizes Her Pastmight Just Be The Death Of Her.

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    Once again I find myself in the minority To be fair, I think this is a It s me, not you situation Let me start by saying that for an independent book I thought this was above par as far as writing and editing were concerned and I thought the premise was pretty original I was intrigue

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    Gabriel glanced down Seriously, Tristan You drive around with a trunk full of weapons Of course Why Because I m the family bad guy ENCHANTING, SPECTACULAR, GLORIOUS, THRILLING ONE OF THE BEST SUPERNATURAL BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ FORBIDDEN LOVE TWO BROTHERS ONE LOVE TRIANGLE.This book starts wit

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    Awry Book 2 reviewDear Lord, from start to finish this was this was severely lacking in originality If you ve just a handful of YA novels you could predict down to the last exclamation point everything that would happen And I mean everything We have the special snowflakeScarletDo you think it s weird to

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    Charming, addictive story that completely stole my heart With a unique and intriguing storyline, likeable characters, and great writing, this was a much needed breath of fresh air Anew starts off with our heroine, Scarlet waking up in the woods with no recollection of who she is or how she got there Fast forward

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    Oh man, I enjoyed this book I was engrossed the whole time, and each chapter just seemed to get better and better The writing is phenomenal, the story is original, and Fine s storytelling is topnotch And I cannot forget about the cliffhanger At first, I thought that my e book was incomplete, but when I found out that was t

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    WARNING Possible Spoilers Chelsea Fine, you really pierced my heart with this one Omg, I don t know where to start I loved it Not just loved itLOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT I really liked the writing The story is original.AND I am tripping over the CLIFFHANGER I can make about one prediction that I had since the beginning of the

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    4.5 Stars And an absolutely SHAMAZING buddy read with all the most wonderful girls Anna, Harriet, Jen, Portia, Elena, Maria, and LauraLife isn t about the past and the future It s about today It s about five minutes from now and two seconds ago It s moments, you know Not years Years aren t what define usWow Wow Wow The vast amount of emotions

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    Look, I know this book has been labelled as Cheesy YA I m too old for that shit maybe there is instalove in it gasp , and you know what I don t care You want to know why Take a seat But Watch outThis review may deal with whisper feelings Ugh, I know, big big words.1 Well, let s meet Tristan first You know, this guy dressed in black in the beginning Yep

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    1.75 5 stars This was just an ok paranormal book I didn t love or even really like it, but I didn t hate anything about this one either And in comparison to some other paranormals I ve read which made me mad out of my mind because of the double standards and sexism and basically everything Sweet Evil, Lux, H...

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    I found Anew through my goodreads recommendations and I was not disappointed at all It caught my eye at first because it was unique No werewolves or vampires not that I have anything against that And also it didn t give too much away in the description I ve noticed in many books where the back of the book gives you half of the plot before you even open the book Anew gave

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