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All Bets Are Off (Mountain Boys, #1) EPUB All Bets Are Off Mountain Boys, 1 Marguerite Labbe Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk It Only Takes One Night With Ash Gallagher To Make Eli Hollister Think He S Finally Met The Right Man At The Right Time Good Thing He Doesn T Bet On It, Because Ash Turns Out To Be A Student In Eli S Class At The Local College Eli Can T Deny He S Attracted, But Now It S Complicated He S Already In Enough Trouble With The Department Head, A Man Who Would Like To See Eli Denied His Tenure And Fired.Ash Is Looking Forward To Taking His Life In A New Direction After Serving One Active Duty Stint In The Marine Corps And Another In The Reserves, He S Ready To Put His Military Life Behind Him The Last New Experience He D Planned For This Semester Was To Fall In Lust With His English Professor, But The Eli Resists, The Ash Is Determined To Have Him Then He Discovers Eli S Playing For Keeps, And Ash Is Only Interested In A Fling Or Is He Between These Two, When It Comes To Life And Love, All Bets Are Off.

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    A very cute, romantic, and underrated novel In my opinion the Goodreads rating is not fair.There is a lot of character depth and quite a few unexpected turns Of course, the ending seemed rather predictable, and there...

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    4.5 starsThis book was fun At first I thought it was going to be a predictable contemporary story but it turned out to be so muchIt had me laughing and tearing up with characters that are both likable and real I enjoyed both Eli and Ash so much The tension between these two is palpable and engaging They are so different Ash is in th

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    A beautifully, sweet story with a little bit of kink I absolutely loved Eli and Ash s story It had a lot of the things I love in a romance A slooooow progression to I love you A hot book nerd A sexy marine A cute pup Lots of sexual tension Lots of sexy betting A little kinky sex Lots of dirty talk It did NOT have any of the things I hate in a

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    Marguerite Labbe s writing has never let me down, and this novel proves to be no exception It is a heartwarming M M romance, with a solid dash of mystery, a sprinkle or two of angst, humor and sex, all combining to produce a well rounded novel.Eli, a college professor, returns home from a hiking getaway, to find a new man helping out the local construc

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    3 3,5 starsA nice story with nice characters,a nice slow build up,nice settingeverything in the book was nice too nice.Ash falling asleep at his first date with Eli set the pace for the long story to come.Even with skipping all sex scenes I had trouble keeping attention.The few wake up calls didn t make the story move faster it always slowed down againnot my thi

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    1.5 stars Thank fucking Christ it s over The rating slowly went lower and lower as I tried to force myself to finish this book Let s start at the beginning Both the guys on the cover are weird looking and I had a hard time not picturing them when reading the book Eli s supposedly sexy hair gave me the most trouble.Anyway, onto content The dialogue was ridiculously innuend

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    3.5 stars Slow paced, enjoyable romance set in a small town that follows Professor Eli and ex military now student Ash as they fall in love There s a few storylines in this book Eli s friend is desperately looking for easy money to help his sick Dad and Eli s creepy department head Britton wants to force him out of his job Ash too has a lot of things going on in his life He s searc

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    I really enjoyed this well written romance between Eli, a young college professor, and Ash, the Marine who takes his class as part of a move back to civilian life These guys were well portrayed in their similarities and differences, both likeable men, and very hot together The relationship progressed believably slowly on an emotional level, the plot was interesting but not melodramatic The i

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    It is almost all sex with out actually having sex Sex thoughts, sex talk, full naked massages that go on forever It s like it s all sex or all basball Both of which bore me Then the numerous and long make out scenes seem never ending Then they have a really Lon sex scene followed by another long sex scene which I stoppe in the middle of to update this and other reviews I m at 55% and hoping its not al

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    4.5 starsEli Hollister is convinced that he has finally met the right man at the right time His previous relationships have always ended the same way The right guy The wrong time When he meets Ash Gallagher and they share a sexy evening together he is convinced that he has finally found the one He finds out how wrong he is less than twenty four hours later Eli is an English professor and Ash turns out to be one

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