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Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice A Foundational Text Offering A Unified Design Vocabulary And A Common Methodology For Maximizing The Expressive Power Of Digital ArtifactsDigital Artifacts From IPads To Databases Pervade Our Lives, And The Design Decisions That Shape Them Affect How We Think, Act, Communicate, And Understand The World But The Pace Of Change Has Been So Rapid That Technical Innovation Is Outstripping Design Interactors Are Often Mystified And Frustrated By Their Enticing But Confusing New Devices Meanwhile, Product Design Teams Struggle To Articulate Shared And Enduring Design Goals With Inventing The Medium, Janet Murray Provides A Unified Vocabulary And A Common Methodology For The Design Of Digital Objects And Environments It Will Be An Essential Guide For Both Students And Practitioners In This Evolving FieldMurray Explains That Innovative Interaction Designers Should Think Of All Objects Made With Bits Whether Games Or Web Pages, Robots Or The Latest Killer Apps As Belonging To A Single New Medium The Digital Medium Designers Can Speed The Process Of Useful And Lasting Innovation By Focusing On The Collective Cultural Task Of Inventing This New Medium Exploring Strategies For Maximizing The Expressive Power Of Digital Artifacts, Murray Identifies And Examines Four Representational Affordances Of Digital Environments That Provide The Core Palette For Designers Across Applications Computational Procedures, User Participation, Navigable Space, And Encyclopedic CapacityEach Chapter Includes A Set Of Design Explorations Creative Exercises For Students And Thought Experiments For Practitioners That Allow Readers To Apply The Ideas In The Chapter To Particular Design Problems Inventing The Medium Also Provides Than Illustrations Of Specific Design Strategies Drawn From Multiple Genres And Platforms And A Glossary Of Design Concepts

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    Murray presents her philosophy of digital design, that we are still inventing the digital medium, and we need to consider how improving it improves human communication Her thesis, taken from her earlier book, Hamlet on the Holodeck, is that the major representational fo

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    Publisher s web site With Inventing the Medium, Janet Murray provides a unified vocabulary and a common methodology for the design of digital objects and environments It will be an essential guide for both students and practitioners in this evolving field Murray explains that inn

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    This is a quite comprehensive introduction to core interaction design concepts and principles The author frames the task of interaction designers as exploiting affordances of this new digital medium The unique aspect of this book is that it also discusses some key computer science concepts

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    Dr Murray has a formidable foundation in digital tech She is an asset to the city of Atlanta I like this quote from her book When we expand the meaning making conventions that make up human culture, we expand our ability to understand the world and to connect with one another Dr Murray has a formida

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