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Fever This is potent literature packaged in deceptively simple language I wish I could have read it in Bengali, but I m thankful Arunav Sinha translated it for us anyway This is the third of a series of books I ve read about Naxalism, and while it pales in scope compared to the Lives of Others, or in depth compared to the Lowland, it offers a The weakest Samaresh Basu book that I have read so far For Basu s political writings, Shekal Chhera Hater Khonje and Khandita are highly recommended. PDF Fever By Samaresh Basu Terrapin Info.co.uk Description Ruhiton Kurmi Has Been In Jail For Seven Years Once A Notorious Naxalite, He Is Now A Withered Shell A Man Broken By Torture, Racked With Fevers And Sores The Only Way He Can Endure His Life Is By Shutting Out The Past But When Ruhiton Is Moved To A Better Jail And Eventually Freed, Memories Return To Haunt Him He Looks Back Upon His Youth, His Marriage, His Home In The Terai Foothills And He Remembers Too, The Friends He Has Killed, The Revolutionary Colleagues He Made, And The Ideals He Once Believed In.Dark, Powerful And Full Of Ambiguities, The Classic Mahakaler Rather Ghoda 1977 Questions The Human Cost Of Revolution And Its Inevitable Transience A Sensation In Its Time, It Remains One Of The Greatest Novels About The Naxalite Movement.

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