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Hanuman Hanuman, The Lord Of The Monkeys, Is One Of The Few Gods In Hinduism To Be Worshipped Across Caste Lines By Followers Of The Shaiva, Vaishnava And Shakta Orders This Book Is An Attempt To Understand The Imagery, Ritual And Philosophy Associated With Hanuman Worship In Our Time At Its Heart Is A Single Narrative On The Life Of The Monkey God Woven Out Of Plots And Ideas Found In The Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabharata, Various Puranas And Several Vernacular Ramakathas Also Included Are Tales Found In Jain Ramayanas And The Ramayanas Of South East Asia Highlights Include Lucid Explanations, A Map Showing The Traditional Journey Of Rama To Lanka Through Kishkinda, The Text And Translation Of The Hanuman Chalisa, And Over 100 Illustrations, Many Of Them In Colour. Although 90% of the book consists of stories of Hanuman, the ending is what is most enthralling to ones who are already familiar with the god like being.The author describes Hanuman as the epitome of our mind s potential This is the part which I gave this book 5 only because of my profuse love for Hanuman..expectedfrom the author esp after Sita and Jaya The remarkable part in the book is when the author describes Hanuman as the epitome of our mind s potential. First book of his I read, and the best Inspiring, poetic, and lots of interesting historical aspects.

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