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Issola (Vlad Taltos, #9) Okay, So Maybe I Ve Been Living In The Woods Too Long, Where You Can T Even Get A Decent Cup Of Klava First Thing In The Morning So Who Should Turn Up But Lady Teldra, The Courtly Servant Of My Old Friend The Dragonlord Morrolan Teldra Wants My Help, Because Morrolan And Aliera Have Disappeared, And According To Sethra Lavode, It Looks Like They May Be In The Hands Of The Jenoine Do I Want To Mess With Them The Guys Who Made This Place And I Thought I Had Problems BeforeOh Well, What S A Little Cosmic Battle With Beings Who Control Time And Space It S Better Than Hunkering Down In The Woods Without Even So Much As A Drinkable Cup Of Klava. In trying to remember what I had and hadn t read in this series, I ended up re reading Issola I m not usually terribly enthused by the epic powerful heroes having epic powerful battles that shake the earth and shape history, striving against the gods, and that sort of Very Important Thing But when you have Vlad Taltos in the middle of things, the king of Getting By, Day to Day, and Where s My Coffee Klava, it brings a I didn t expect this book to go where it went Seriously Wow.It takes place as the latest, chronologically, with Vlad in the wilds in exile, but it just goes to show, you never know where you ll wind up Do you think he s going home hahahahaha wow.As fantasy, we get to join in a war between gods, but as science fiction, I ve just been titillated about the deep SFal past in this book than all the rest, combined I mean, there s tons of reveals here and none of them are enough to satisfy me I d be perfectly content to read 400 500 pages of straight exposition on this Seriously But no, we only get concise and quick reveals that only make me ask questions and get even impressed with the world building even as we get to dive into a much, much larger conflict with nothing but guts, magic, and the beginnings of a legendary weapon Note that the legendary is only partially complete Even the gods and the demigods and the necromancers and the demon gods and the Others don t know e REREAD SEPT 2014 Not much to add to the below The scaling issue remains a major problem, but it s partially made up for by getting to know Lady Teldra better Original review Aug 2006 Overall 3 5Story 3 5 Re Readability 4 5Characters 4 5One of bits of coolness about Brust s Vlad tales is the extensive and intriguing backstory that he weaves in and out of the tales often, it seems, by hints than fully developed concepts The problem with that is, sooner or later, you have to pay the hints off, and that s what this tale is a payoff of various bits and pieces that Brust has discussed regarding the gods, the Jenoine, and the origins of Dragaera.And the problem with that It s all way out of scale for Vlad Taltos, the erstwhile assassin, who s been most worried about his safety, the Organization on his tail, and his evolving personal code of morality Within the bounds of a witchcraft and sorcery and elves, Brust s best stories are witty noir.This isn t Instead, Vlad, though pulled into the story to help his friends, is out of his depth most of the time, present as a narrator to events and conversationlist with the High and Mighty That s entertaining enough, and the I find that I ve already marked this book as read, when in fact I have not I must have been thinking of Athyra.At any rate, I found this volume to be Brust at his very best I read the book in the course of two days, completely clearing my schedule to ravenously consume it.The Vlad stories are among his finest, simply because Vlad and his pet jhereg Loiosh are such wonderful smartasses, and the pinch of sarcastic humor is exactly the seasoning a story of high magic and dark sorcery requires This one is even mature Vlad and the other staple characters are well realized, and that gives Brust the opportunity to explore relation

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