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Ministry Ministry Is A Memoir Both Ugly And Captivating, Revealing Al Jourgensen As A Man Who Lived A Hard Life His Own Way Without Making Compromises He Survived Prolonged Drug Addiction Twenty Two Years Of Chronic Heroin, Cocaine, And Alcohol Abuse, To Be Precise Before Cleaning Up, Straightening Out, And Finding New Reasons To Live.During His Career, Jourgensen Has Engaged In All Of The Rock N Roll Clich S Regarding Decadence And Debauchery And Invented New Forms Of Previously Unachieved Nihilism Despite This And His Addictions, He Created Seven Seminal Albums, Including The Bonafide, Hugely Influential Classic The Land Of Rape And Honey, 1989 S The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, And 1992 S Blockbuster Psalm 69 The Way To Succeed Ministry Imparts The Epic Life Of Al Jourgensen, A Survivor Who Tempted Fate, Beat The Odds, Persevered, And Put The Pieces Back Together After Unraveling Completely.

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    This is Al Jourgensen This is my review This book is part of the Book Riot, Read Harder 2018 challenge You can see it here is my entry for the twelfth challenge, celebrity memoir Does the dude from Ministry count as a celebrity Sure in some circles, and it s everything you want in a celebrity memoir, copious amounts of drugs, many bad decisions and a metric shit ton o

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    3.75 stars Thirty years of a band s existence in less than 300 pages, ably pasted together by the co author from conversations with Al Jourgensen I laughed out loud and felt the need to quote passages to my roommates and brother I am happy to have read the book and was pleased that it wasn t the lose all respect for the artist horror show I expected, though there are c

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    A few things make me glad I read this at the bookstore instead of wasting money on it 1 Al puts down everyone who helped make him famous.2 Al puts down all the hit songs that helped make him famous.3 If it wasn t for the Book Club keeping an eye on him and keeping him straight enough to make the occasional album every 3 5 years, he never would have achieved the fame he

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    This is a tough book to rate Al has two personalities One is likeable, one is repugnant If you asked me if I enjoyed the book it would depend on the day and which Al I was reading about.

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    Savage, brilliant, funny and I could not put it down Even when I desperately wanted too I love ministry and my only minor quibble is there wasn t enough descriptions of his studio time and those mixing techniques he, ahem, appropriated from Adrian Sherwood His recounting of hi...

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    Having worked in the extreme underbelly of the music industry myself, I thought I was inured to tales of debauchery, decadence, and bad decisions but Al proves me wrong with this incredibly entertaining read I have met quite of few of the characters in the book his descriptions are spot on and hilarious He hides nothing, and yet doesn t waste our time with rationalizations

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    Once again my stroll down memory lane proves to be a slight waste of time I loved Ministry growing up, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Jourgensen s face peering up at me at my local book shop Al Jourgensen I wonder what he s up to these days , I thought to myself Apparently quite a bit I d lost interest in Ministry after Filth Pig, so I was amazed to find out that the

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    What a tool Him or me I read the whole thing

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    As a big fan of Ministry, this book proved to be a very difficult read It is very apparent that Al has read The Dirt , thought Oh, I can beoutrageous than that and is trying too hard to out do Motley Crue to the point that he is laying it on far too thick It seems that every other paragraph mentions debauchery There is nothingfrustrating than being told what to think when rea

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    You have to give Al Jourgensen a bit of credit he doesn t care what you think of him, of his music or his life If you are not part of anything in his daily comings and goings, it doesn t matter to him That being said, I had heard read of his attitudes concerning these issues and he does not disappoint in this memoir Rude, crude and terribly honest, Al tells it like it is The d

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