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Gautama Buddha a good book for beginners about the life of Gautama Buddha. Quite informative but repetitive, though a good book. Enjoyable, tries to remain factual, gets kinda repetitive at some parts but nevertheless a great reading if you want to understand a few things about the life of the buddha The series of books published as Puffin Lives are truly wonderful I think that they are meant for readers above 10 years, but I derive immense pleasure reading them Gautama Buddha The Lord of Wisdom by Rohini Chowdhury narrates the life of one of the most influential personalities in human history I have not read much of Gautama Buddha, although my want to read list has a few I perhaps know about Buddha as much as is taught in the history courses in schools which is abysmal anyways For me, this book was a fresh starting point.Rohini Chowdhury brings to life whatever little is known about Gautama Buddha s life not his teachings in a simple and engaging manner I haven t spent any time trying to understand the teachings of the great man I am really appalled that I was so ignorant of the highlights in the life of this great man I must be grateful for this little book and other Good onean evidence based summary of life history of Buddha, many historical facts uncovered, a brief chapter of his teachings should be included. Very informative especially for one who is not familiar with the character of buddha, focuses on the historical as far as possible and less on the teachings and holiness felt good to know about the person gautama and not only the buddha The Life And Times Of Siddhartha Gautama, The BuddhaGautama S Ideas Went Against The Established Beliefs Of Centuries His Teachigs Did Not Rely On The Idea Of A Supreme God Or Gods Who Could Rescue Humanity From Its Sorrows Instead He Believed That Nirvana Lay Withi Each Person, And Could Be Achieved By Following The Right Path.Even Though He Was One Of The Most Influential Men Who Ever Walked The Earth, Very Little Is Known About The Life Of Siddhartha Gautama, The Man We Call The Buddha His Teachings Were Followed For 1,500 Years In India, And Became The Guiding Principles Of Life For Both Rich And Poor, High Born And Low Caste Today, The Religion He Founded Is Follwed All Over The World.Here Is The Fascinating Story Of His Life From His Youth As A Privileged Prince To His Renunciation Of The World And Attainament Or Nirvana How His Teachings Changed All Those Who Came In Contact With Him And The Tumultous Lives Of People And Kingdoms In Ancient India.

About the Author: Rohini Chowdhury

Rohini Chowdhury is a widely published children s writer, and an established literary translator As a children s writer, she has than twenty books and several short stories to her credit Her published writing is in Hindi and English, and covers a wide spectrum of literary genres including translations, novels, short fiction, comics, and non fiction Her most recent publications for children

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