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Phoenix (Black City, #2) Read Phoenix Black City, 2 Author Elizabeth Richards Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Ash And Natalie Are Just Starting To Build A Life Together When Things In The United Sentry States Go From Bad To Worse Ash And Natalie Find Themselves At The Center Of Turmoil When Dictator Purian Rose Threatens Natalie S Life Unless Ash Votes In Favor Of Rose S Law A Law That Will Send Darklings And Other Dissenters To A Deadly Concentration Camp Known As The Tenth.When Ash Can T Bring Himself To Trade Natalie S Life For Those Of Millions Of Darklings, Her Fate Is Sealed Enter Elijah Theroux, The Handsome Bastet Boy Natalie Once Saved From Her Mother S Labs, Where He D Been Experimented On And Tortured It Was His Venom The Sentry Used To Create The Lethal Golden Haze, The Heart Of The Government Conspiracy That Led To Black City S Uprising And Ash S Rebirth As The Phoenix, The Face Of The Rebellion Elijah Is Back And Ash Doesn T Like Him It S Clear He S Taken With Natalie, And Ash Fears She May Have Feelings For Him As Well.But Elijah Also May Have The Answer To Taking Down Purian Rose For Good A Powerful Weapon Called The Ora Ash, Natalie And Elijah Just Have To Escape Black City Undetected To Find It But Fleeing The City And Finding This Weapon If It Even Exists Are Easier Said Than Done, And The Quest Could Tear Ash And Natalie Apart, Even Pushing Them Into The Arms Of Others.This Enthralling Sequel To Black City Is Just As Absorbing, Delicious And Steamy As The First Book, Leaving Readers Hungry For The Series Conclusion.

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    Oh gosh This was GOOD A great sequel to Black City The way it just kept moving along, barely stopping to take a breath and when it did take a breath Evenexquisite I thought it was going to be hard to top or even be as equally awesome Black City was but Phoenix definitely managed to beat the second book lull expectation Thank goodness for that I think what made Phoenix such a success is the way that Elizabe

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    JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL BECAUSE I M ABOUT TO KEYBOARD SMASH THE SHIT OUT OF THIS REVIEW WITH MY FRANTIC FANGIRL FLAILING OVER THE MOST MAGNIFICENT ENDING THAT A SECOND BOOK IN A YA SERIES HAS EVER SEEN NO, REALLY, THIS IS DOUBLE RAINBOW STATUS OMFG I was all prepared to give a coherent review And it was going to start like this If this book had a subtitle, it would read as follows Phoenix A Lesson in the Importance of

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    THE CLIFFHANGER NO HOW DARE YOU Oh my god, okay, despite the annoying characters I liked this book, I must say the storyline is great for a dystopian book I actually bought the first book because of the pretty cover, and yeah, I still have problems with the characters but I loved the world Elizabeth Richards created The writing style she uses to describe the setting is perfect There s a lot of action and violence and that mak

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    When Ash can t bring himself to trade Natalie s life for those of millions of Darklings, her fate is sealed. Enter Elijah Theroux, the handsome Bastet boy Natalie once saved from her mother s labs, where he d been experimented on and tortured.WHAT It was his venom the Sentry used to create the lethal Golden Haze, the heart of the government conspiracy that led to Black City s uprising and Ash s rebirth as the Phoenix, the face of the

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    When Black City finished with that epic ending I was biting my nails for months waiting for Phoenix to arrive in my hands and it was worth the wait From High school students to full blown action heroes Phoenix is like a whole new level Love, destruction, gore and heartbreak Life has gotten worse in Black City Purian Rose threatens Natalie s life unless Ash votes in favour of Rose s law a law that will send darklings and other dissenters to a dea

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    Disclaimer I am an author friend of Elizabeth Richards, but I wasn t when I first read BLACK CITY and fell in deep, dark, twisted love with the world she created.Without being spoilery, I can say that PHOENIX deliversof the same violent but intoxicating landscape the creatures, the crosses, the cult like followers of Purian Rose they re all still present Rose has raised his evil to a whole new level and as a great war breaks out across the United Sentry S

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    FINAL RATING 4.25 STARS CATCHALL I loved Black City, so I was extremely eager to dive into Phoenix I was nervous, though, too, because of some things in the blurb Despite my hesitation, however, once I picked it up I simply couldn t put it down It was fresh and fast paced, and a wholly satisfying sequel to the first book Everything about it was gorgeous to the point where I really can t have many complaints, and the cast of characters was as sparkling as I expected

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    Nah I know it might be the perfect book for the paranormal romantics, but for someone who has been devouring this genre this is plain repetition and nothing else I understand that the book has every element that worked in twilight, hush hush series and every other successful paranormal genre yet for me it was.Nah Let me be honest, this book is not bad but not good as well There is nothing to the book even if it has managed to shelve out three booksgod knows how and whyThe bo

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    First, I must squeal for one paragraph I am sorry.OMG THIS WAS SO.ACK I CAN T BELIEVE I GOT AN ARC OF THIS AND HOW GOOD THIS IS WOW THE WAY THIS WASACK BE STILL, MY HEART THIS IS SO AMAZING.That was like 1% of it, but I thought I d better get on with the review, yeah Okay, I absolutely have to acknowledge the romance in this The action and the rebellion were amazing of course, but the romance Ash and Natalie and Elijahand Giselle, but she appears and disappears quickly Tha First, I mu

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    This book was by far was beyond amazing I was head over heels in love with everything about this book Black City gets you hooked but Phoenix will keep you wanting .I am going to start with Ash, he is one of my most favorite male characters and he has such a strong voice Everything about his POV will make you swoon He is just not like any other hero, he is out spoken, sexy and will do whatever it takes to keep Natalie safe and happy She is everything to him and he can t believe she is hi This bo

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