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Shark Dialogues Reading Shark Dialogues Author Kiana Davenport Jackkellyfilm.co.uk Spellbinding In Its Imagery And Ancient Myths, Shark Dialogues Is The Stunningly Sensual And Visionary Epic Of A Polynesian Hawaiian Family, A Story Of Daring, Passionate Women And Men, Their Losses And Triumphs, Their Comedies And Tragedies, Their Anguish And Joy Set Mainly In Contemporary Hawaii, It Is A Spectacular Odyssey Through Fire And Water, A Journey That Begins In The Nineteenth Century With The Fateful Meeting Of A Yankee Sailor And The Runaway Daughter Of A Tahitian Chief Sweeping From That Distant Past Into The Present Turbulent Decade, Kiana Davenport Has Woven An Astonishing, Compassionate Portrait Of Her People, One Of Personal And Political Complexities A Surreal And Provocative, Wise And Erotic Tale Of Villains And Dreamers, Of Stone Eaters And Queens, Of Revolutionaries, And Of Lepers And Healers Central To All Is The Matriarch Pono, A Statuesque, Pure Blooded Hawaiian, A Kahuna, Or Seer, Whose Past Is Shrouded In Mystery Pono S Love For Duke Kealoha A Man Hidden From The World, A Man His Daughters And Granddaughters Have Never Knownis One Of The Most Haunting Love Stories Of Our Time, A Love That Lasts Through Sixty Years, A Love So Profound She Dares Everything, Commits Every Conceivable Act For Him As The Novel Opens, Pono S Four Granddaughters Are Converging On Her Run Down Coffee Plantation On The Big Island, Summoned By Pono In Her Eighty Fourth Year United By Their Fear Of And Devotion To Pono, Each Woman Is Of Mixed Blood Parentage Ming Hawaiian Chinese, Is A Lover Of Art And Music, Who Suffers From Lupus Vanya Hawaiian Filipino, Is A Lawyer And A Fiery Political Activist Rachel Hawaiian Japanese, Is A Great Beauty, Obsessed With HerYakuza Husband JessHawaiian Caucasian, Is A Veterinarian, Whose Pale Skin Makes Her Inferior In Pono S Eyes Never Having Known Their True Genealogy Pono S Girls, As They Are Called, Have Led Tormented, Scattered Lives Now, Caught Up In Pono S Spell, Feeling A Sense Of Immi

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    This book utterly defies categorization It begins with a brief introduction of four girl cousins winging their way back to Pono s coffee farm in the 1990s Then it jumps back in time and becomes historical fiction with a smattering of magical realism Hawaii s sad and painful past is covered, with special emphas

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    The first half of this novel is wonderful I could not get enough of it I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Tahitian runaway bride and the one eyed whaler and their life in pioneer Hawaii and their children I learned so much about Hawaii history Davenport has exceptional talent throwing in historical facts an

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    A great first novel about Hawaii, with specific political views I ve seen one criticism I agree strongly with one, the need for an editor the copy shown in the picture looks like a galley, there are rampant spelling mistakes and run on sentences A few times, characters travel the same routes and the drive is des

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    I liked the first 70ish pages about the matriarch Kelonikoa, the daughter of a Tahitian chief The writing was colorful and vibrant Hawaiian history and geogarphy were wonderfully described But now, Pono, Kelonikoa s great granddaughter, has come on stage The writing is just too dramatic, too graphic with slaughte

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    This story is so amazing I loved the integration of the history of Hawai i into the matriarchal genealogy of the main character, Pono The first half of the book was so engrossing I read it in one day Pono s stories and history were beautiful and powerful But the second half sort of lost me The cousins stories were

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    I read Shark Dialogues while in Hawaii, and it made me enjoy the bookthan I would have The language strays into over adjectival cheesiness, especially whenever anyone admires nature or has sex And although I m sympathetic to the claims of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, it really bums me out to read a novel that

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    Hawaii magical realism I generally enjoyed the storyline but the quality of writing is taxing An editor would have made a huge difference.

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    this book is reviewed on the cover by isabel allende, and it reminded me a lot of isabel allende books it spanned over several generations of strong women often being oppressed by men all set to a historical and political background, written in a style of magical realism however, what made this book especially intere

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    Count me as one Haole Wahine who really enjoyed the lessons this book had to offer It spanned Hawaiian history from the 1800s to present day through the eyes of several generations of strong women from one family I ve been to Hawaii a handful of times, and this book gave me perspective on why native islanders are not

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    It was really hard to put this book down once I became engrossed in the description and lives of these powerful women With the epic backdrop of Pono, Duke, their daughters, and granddaughters, the history of Hawaii is woven into the story line allowing the reader to get a firsthand glimpse of a paradise lost to commerc

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