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The Prince of Tides PAT CONROY Has Created A Huge, Brash Thunderstorm Of A Novel, Stinging With Honesty And Resounding With Drama Spanning Forty Years, This Is The Story Of Turbulent Tom Wingo, His Gifted And Troubled Twin Sister Savannah, And Their Struggle To Triumph Over The Dark And Tragic Legacy Of The Extraordinary Family Into Which They Were BornFilled With The Vanishing Beauty Of The South Carolina Low Country As Well As The Dusty Glitter Of New York City, The Prince Of Tides Is PAT CONROY At His Very Best

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    My wound is geography It is also my anchorage, my port of call.So begins the story of the Wingo family of Melrose Island in Colleton County, South Carolina As told by Tom Wingo To describe our growing up in the lowcountry of South Carolina, I would have to take you to the marsh on a spr

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    This is the book that is the reason I read anything at all for pleasure I decided I was going to read it before the movie came out and COMPLETELY fell in love with Conroy s style, renewed my love affair with the low country of South Carolina, and discovered the joy of diving into a book wholeheart

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    I m wearing my softest, fuzziest slippers while writing this review treading as lightly as I possibly can realising that I m on holy ground here, discussing a much beloved book among many of my very dear and respected Goodreads friends PLEASE, DON T HATE ME This book was at a disadvantage from the beginning

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    A Riptide In Southern English, naked means you ain t got no clothes on, while nekkid means you ain t got no clothes on and you re up to something. Lewis Grizzard Clip of the 3 kids in film version of novelMan wonders but God decidesWhen to kill the Prince of TidesA verse from the eponymous poem by Savannah Wingo, the

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    Passion swells for this epic, The Prince of Tides, and so I swim in murky waters here, careful in my criticism not to become The Princess of Against the Tides.Ah, hell Who am I kidding This princess often swims against the tide and her upper body is strong.So, let me not mince words Let s get right to it.Pat Conroy has almost

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    Pat Conroy s prose is tragically acquainted with all the misery and glory and pain and beauty of humanity It is also deeply entrenched in the American south I believe he immortalizes his own time and place the way Hemingway did for wartime Europe This story, so startlingly brutal and direct in it s engagement of the reader, lays out the

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    I can t remember the last time I felt this torn I hated the characters for being so selfish with their affections, so cowardly in their confrontations, the cruelty shown when the moment was theirs for the taking What I hatedwas when the victim on the receiving end and, to be fair, it always rotates would rise up in anger, but then crumble to thei

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Before I wrote this, I took a cursory look at a few of the reviews and realized to my dismay that in this case I am the Grinch who took the roast beast And yet I stand by my rating because this book was for me an exercise in maudlin pablum The protagonist experiences all matter

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    I really did not intend to read The Prince of Tides anytime soon until a couple avid reading friends told me I should not pass it byand they were so right If you ve seen the movie, you already know this is an unforgettable and disturbing story set in both the South Carolina low country and New York City about an extremely dysfunctional family with abusive father Hen

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    This book was, like all of Conroy s titles, intensely gripping, humorous at times, coarse and gruesome at others, withthan a few touches of sheer poetry scattered everywhere.Conroy excels at describing tortured family life in this case the Wingos of South Carolina Through narrator Tom s eyes, we learn about his parents, his older brother Luke, and his twin sister Savannah Rar

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