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Deception (Defiance, #2) Download Deception Defiance, 2 C.J Redwine Eiyo.us Baalboden Has Been Ravaged The Brutal Commander S Whereabouts Are Unknown And Rachel, Grief Stricken Over Her Father S Death, Needs Logan Than Ever With Their Ragged Group Of Survivors Struggling To Forge A Future, It S Up To Logan To Become The Leader They Need With Rachel By His Side Under Constant Threat From Rival Carrington S Army, Who Is After The Device That Controls The Cursed One, The Group Decides To Abandon The Ruins Of Their Home And Take Their Chances In The Wasteland But Soon Their Problems Intensify Tenfold Someone Possibly Inside Their Ranks Is Sabotaging The Survivors, Picking Them Off One By One The Chaos And Uncertainty Of Each Day Puts Unbearable Strain On Rachel And Logan, And It Isn T Long Before They Feel Their Love Splintering Even Worse, As It Becomes Clear That The Commander Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Them, The Band Of Survivors Begins To Question Whether The Price Of Freedom May Be Too Great And Whether, Hunted By Their Enemies And The Murderous Traitor In Their Midst, They Can Make It Out Of The Wasteland Alive In This Daring Sequel To Defiance, With The World They Once Loved Forever Destroyed, Rachel And Logan Must Decide Between A Life On The Run And Standing Their Ground To Fight.

About the Author: C.J. Redwine

Please read my FAQ before sending any requests C.J Redwine loves fairy tales, Harry Potter, and going to the movies If the novel writing gig ever falls through, she ll join the Avengers and wear a cape to work every day To learnabout C.J., visit her website at www.cjredwine.com

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    I can t wait to read this book I can t believe people would leave such insulting remarks If you disliked the first book so much why bother commenting on the next one if its not worth your time I ve waited a long time to read this and I really enjoyed it I once again fell in love with Logan and felt so bad for him, having the weight of the world on his shoulders I loved the duo POV, swapping between Rachel and Logan Although I really l

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    2.5 starsReview to come Ok.so I have rants on this book and they mostly revolve around the nothingness of oh about 70% of this book Seriously I feel like this series has been stretched out to make it 3 books when it should have been 2.The good news The last 30% of this book was an EASY 4 star rating Unfortunately the first 70% was a 2 at best because nothing happened I think they just needed to talk less, travel faster, and condense this into

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here SpoilersMeh, just another below average YA book Everything was so predictable there was nothing original about the plot, the characters, the relationships, or the world building The world building lacked imagination and originality It was the same old dystopian world that s present in other YA books there was a city Baalboden surrounded by a wall to keep out some really b

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    Deception, how I love thee Let me count the ways.oh wait too many to count In all honesty this book was seriously to die for After loving Defiance to death last year, this book was easily my most anticipated And boy did Redwine deliver a powerful sequel My mind is blown To smithereens Now floating in the atmosphereokay you get the picture Basically my worries about Deception having Second Book Syndrome Blown to smithereens Something is seriously wrong with m

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    This was not a book about Rachel Yes, I know she s on the cover and I know the blurb goes on and on about her But this was not Rachel s book This was Logan s book Rachel spent the majority of the book going on about being broken and basically hollowing herself of all emotions and being a shell of a character that just floated through the plot She was utterly unremarkable Logan, on the other hand, had all the angst and all the drama and all the action and all the bac

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    So what happened I was really looking forward to reading this After Defiance, I just know there s so much potential for this series But boy, was I disappointed First, let me say that I love books that focuses on the humanity of people No matter what plot there is, what action scenes or love scenes there are, it always goes back toHow do you hold on to being humane in spite of everything that s happeningThis kind of books almost always have a lot of me time with the main pro

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    These days, eight out of ten middle books in trilogies are complete letdowns, but as long as there are shining stars like Deception, I won t stop hoping thatauthors will find a way to make those second installments less clich d andinteresting Fortunately for me and her other readers, this is a lesson C J Redwine doesn t need Deception picks up mere days after the end of Defiance Logan was chosen as leader of their group, which consists of around a hundred Balbodeen survivors and Th

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    I don t know why it took me so long to pick up the sequel When I m reading these books I m thoroughly enjoying them

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    Gorgeous Gorgeous characters Gorgeous writing Gorgeous worldbuilding.Gorgeous FEELINGS.Now I need the third please

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