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Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! From Aunt Annie S Alligator To Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, This Sturdy Board Book Version Of Dr Seuss S ABC Is Now Available In A Bigger Trim Size With Dr Seuss As Your Guide, Learning The Alphabet Is As Fun And As Funny As The Feather On A Fiffer Feffer Feff

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    Innovative words Amazing alliterations Made up names.This is Dr Seuss for you Well done, doctor D

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    Dr Seuss s ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book , Dr SeussDr Seuss s ABC is a 1963 children s A to Z alphabetical picture book by Dr Seuss Theodor Seuss Geisel It contains several short poems about a variety of characters, and is designed to introduce basic alphabet book concepts to children.BIG A,l

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    Only Dr Seuss has the audacity to make up names in a book that teaches kids the alphabet Zizzer zazzer zuzz Really Can you tell I ve been reading lots of these books lately with my 18 month old Only Dr Seuss has the audacity to make up names in a book that teaches kids the alphabet Zizzer zazzer zuzz

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    WrensReads Review My best friend just got like eight Dr Seuss books and I am not sorry about flooding your feed today and tomorrow with me reading them and telling you how amazing they are.Because, I mean, it s Dr Seuss Can it be anything less I would read this to my kids, your kids, your neighbor s kids, the k

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    I think that this is the most amazing alphabet book ever, word wise Animalia wins for pictures, I think We ve been collecting Dr Seuss books for quite some time, because we tend to like them I never read this book as a child, and I m almost glad, because I get to be so astounded now as an adult.First of all, there s grea

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    BIG A,little a,what begins with A Aunt Annie s alligator.AaABIG B,little b,what begins with B Barberbabybubblesand abumblebee.

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    Well, what can I say I indulged myself with a little of Dr Seuss and taught myself my A B C Z all over again It was fun, the illustrations are fun, the book is fun and is a must for children of all ages I am now reviewing a different edition that goes into fardetail than the one reviewed above It still runs through the gamut of the alphabet

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    We have quite a few ABC books in the house now, but I don t think any of them are quite as fun to read as this one certainly not with the younger readers anyway Seuss doesn t go for the usual pattern of picking one thing for each letter no, he has to include silly rhymes and even some made up words too, paired with his trademark slightly unrealistic

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    His parents being concerned about how much time he was spending watching a computer video game on YouTube, first grader Jack was told to stop and I thereupon invited him to pick out a book to read instead He selected this one without complaint and the two of us proceeded to study it, page by page, both in terms of its words, but also in terms of their referenc

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    Big A little a what begins with A And it begins the sound of a little voice answering the question Aunt Annie s Alligator A a A This is a favorite read in the car so much so that my grand kids have it memorized Dr Seuss has a magical way of rhyming and creating rhythm that appeal to young and old You begin reading about Aunt Annie s alligator and you re off into that de

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