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The Awakening (Fallen Guardians #2) Read The Awakening Fallen Guardians 2 By Michele Hurley Undercostruction.eu The Light Can Deceive You If It Comes From The Darkness Megan Arzal Accepts Her Fate As The Guardian She Finds The Love Of Her Life In A Crazy World Of Angelics, Vampires, Wolves, Shape Shifters, Deceptors And Demons Megan Discovers That Some Of Her Friends And Enemies May Not Be That Different, But He Is The One Thing That Keeps Her Sane Amidst The Chaos Megan Unearths Her Family S Past And The Powers That Dwell Within Her To Keep The Tree Of Life Safe But There Are Demons Waiting To Be Unleashed Into This World To Destroy It Megan Learns To Use The Gifts Her Mother Has Left For Her To Save The People She Loves, While Following Her Destiny This Ends Up Being A Difficult Than Megan Ever Expects And She Will Lose Than She Ever Imagines.

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    This book picks up right were the first one left off and is off and running If you did not read the first story, you will be lost in this one There is a lot of action and you get sw

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