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The End of the Affair This Is A Record Of Hate Far Than Of Love, Writes Maurice Bendrix In The Opening Passages Of The End Of The Affair, And It Is A Strange Hate Indeed That Compels Him To Set Down The Retrospective Account Of His Adulterous Affair With Sarah Miles A Hate Bred Of A Passion That Ultimately Lost Out To GodNow, A Year After Sarah S Death, Bendrix Seeks To Exorcise The Persistence Of Passion By Retracing Its Course From Obsessive Love To Love Hate At The Start He Believes He Hates Sarah And Her Husband, Henry By The End Of The Book, Bendrix S Hatred Has Shifted To The God He Feels Has Broken His Life But Whose Existence He Has At Last Come To RecognizeOriginally Published In , The End Of The Affair Was Acclaimed By William Faulkner As For Me One Of The Best, Most True And Moving Novels Of My Time, In Anybody S Language

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    This book is extremely special to me It amazed me It flipped me around and turned me upside down I was overtaken, absorbed, and transfixed in a whirlwind of emotion The End of the Affair was exactly what I needed to help me throug

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    5 Stars I just spent 3 days being read to by Colin Firth and it was fantastic This is the best narrated audiobook I have ever listened to Now let me say a little about the book itself I loved it From the first sentence I was entranced in th

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    this is the story of a jealous man and a jealous God fighting for the soul of a woman who desperately wants to believe in one of them.oh, and it s a complicated thing, belief.the relationshippy parts of this book are divine a woman in an unfulfilling

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    The sense of unhappiness is so much easier to convey than that of happiness In misery we seem aware of our own existence, even though it may be in the form of a monstrous egotism this pain of mine is individual, this nerve that winces belongs to me and to no o

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    Note every possible plot spoiler included here but I don t care Let s go.So let me get this right This miserable sourpuss atheistic type author guy Maurice meets this hot slutty their word woman Sarah who is married to England s most boring civil servant Henry They have

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    Of the less than ten novels in the universe which can conceivably be called PERFECT that is, without a single flaw, with so much mastery over the daunting literary terrain that it leaves the reader panting, gives him goose bumps, makes him believe in the sphere of art all over ag

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    I am not only committing to the five stars for this review, I wish I could give itTo say it deserves it would be rather an understatement Reading the book was actually one of those physically memorable experiences curling up in a ball with it, crouched over it reading behind piles of work

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    O SAISONS O CH TEAUX QUEL ME EST SANS D FAUTS Arthur RimbaudWhen a wartime climacteric upsets the unthinking romantic tryst of two lovers the high minded Sarah, and the popular writer Bendrix for some strange and unexplained reason right afterward, Sarah walks out on her beloved forever.And Rimbaud

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    Spoil alert Can a reader feel like having a split personality I doubted myself while reading Graham Greene s The End of the Affair I loved it and hated it I thought it certainly deserved 5 stars for a few pages, but later found myself suffering so much and started loathing it So, it could not deservethan 2,

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    Ruh roh.Sorry, Ben And Kelly And karen This book really did not do it for me In fact, that is kind of an understatement my two star rating is generous in that I actually feel sort of bad for disliking it as much as I did I know it hits certain people on an emotional, gut deep level and I am not arrogant enough I am arr

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