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NINE - Curse of the Kalingan Reading NINE Curse Of The Kalingan Author Shobha Nihalani Airdomains.co.uk For Thousands Of Years, The Wisdom Of The NINE Has Protected Mankind From Destroying Itself But A Vengeful Ancient Spirit Has Returned To Shatter The Peace With The Help Of Magical Powers, He Has Possessed A Young Man And Mobilised Black Yogis To Destroy The NINE Plucked From Their Ordinary Lives, Empowered With Special Abilities, Tara, Akash And Zubin Are Swept Into An Occult World Of Kala Yogis And Siddhis To Fight An Ancient Warrior SpiritNINE Will Take You On A Riveting Journey From Europe To India To America And A Deadly Climax In Cambodia.http Amzn.to 2xZhvKn

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    During our author interaction week, I got a chance to interview Shobha Nihlani Though during that time she didn t have any recent book release, she participated in the event looking at our enthusiasm She also rewarded us with a complete set of Nine trilogy A series which was part of our wis

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    I wonder why I kept delaying reading this book for quite some time now, making it seem like one of the books that I bought just for the cover Turns out my erroneous judgement by the cover went boom boom doom doom Nine Curse of the Kalingan is a gripping spiritual cum mythological fantasy ride that wi

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    When I glanced at the publisher of this book, I was taken aback Penguin under their Metro reads imprint have always gone for the usual love stories, fast paced youth based kind of titles, but NINE Curse of the Kalingan written by the pretty Shobha Nihalini was indeed a welcome change considering the kind of bo

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    Curse of the Kalingan Shobha NihalaniThe desire to live and not die will cost one young manthan what he would ever expect One battle between the Kalings and the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka, would forever change things Some would regal in the end result Many dead bodies strewn and many corpses to bury But, Ashoka was devasta

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    The book starts with a curse that a dying warrior of the Kalingan clan lays on Ashoka and his followers The warrior comes back in the form of an evil spirit possessing a young man, Vayu whose power is limitless The sole purpose of this man and his kala yogis team is to destroy the NINE, a secret society formed by Ashoka to spread

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    I don t remember the last time I read a book that to ally blew me off Hats off to the writer s imagination and creativity to have dug up a co existing world right underneath our noses and to have served it in just the perfect manner to us, the readers Nine is a mysterious tale of a hidden society found by an ancient Indian king that since

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    NINE by Shobha NIhalini was a refreshing change form the books I have been reading recently The best stuff about this book is it s everything a philosophy admirer will seek in a story Sometimes I thought mid way while reading it that this book would have been better off as a core philosophical yip yap but when I reached the last remaining 20 30% odd

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    NINE Curse of the kalingan Spirits, ghosts, angels ,care taking souls all these words may seem to be surreal But they all make sense in the awe inspiring novel by shobha nihalani It s when the kalingan warrior s spirit comes to life through a body of martial art s teacher yuva to fight against the secret council of nine Navarathnas , who are ...

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    I want to say so much about this book but I won t cause I believe good things are best experienced alone I am a major fantasy fan and it was such a delight to have picked up this book Nine by Shobha Nihalani is not just the usual run off the mill good guy beats bad guy kind of fantasy but a lotdeeper than that.The story is littered with gems of wisdom all across the pa

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    Well I am not too sure if I would recommend this book to anyonebut then I was looking for a book similar to Chanakya s chant Krishna key Shiva trilogy and thats what I exactly got While the entire idea was interesting but it just didn t come together and the climax was a disappointment.

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