[Epub] ↠ Sowbelly: The Obsessive Quest for the World-Record Largemouth Bass Author Monte Burke – 1sm.info

Sowbelly: The Obsessive Quest for the World-Record Largemouth Bass In 1932, A Farmer Named George Washington Perry Decided It Was Too Rainy To Plow And Went Fishing That Day, George Landed The Largest Largemouth Ever Recorded Twenty Two Pounds Four Ounces The Fish Has Inspired And Frustrated Hundreds Of Anglers For Decades They Ve Dedicated Their Lives To The Pursuit Of Sowbelly A Nearly Mythical Fish, Whose Swinelike Girth Holds The Key To Their Dreams.From An L.A Cop Who Came Within Ounces Of Besting The Record To An Alabaman Who Has Lost His Marriage And His Daughter To This Pursuit, Burke Takes Readers Along For The Ride In This Legendary Race. Interesting on many levels A quick and entertaining read Well written. When I was a young kid I loved to fish for largemouth bass at my grandparents lake I read Outdoor Life magazine and knew the history of the world record bass caught around the time of the Great Depression, which the author discusses in detail If you ve ever fished with artificial lures or bait you know how much fun it can be Having said all that this book is great but only if you are or ever were a bass fisherman or I think that this was a great book Reading this gives me greater confidence that I can catch big fish myself if I put enough time and effort into the sport Also I learned that Texas might not be where the big bass are growing Surprisingly it was California The only thing that I would say about this book is that on Goodreads, it says that the book is 270 pages of so But my book only has 237 I don t know If I have a different version than th Makes me want to go bass fishing again.

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