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The Seed and the Soil How Do The Metaphors We Use To Describe Procreation Affect Our View Of The Relative Worth Of Each Gender Carol Delaney Discloses The Powerful Meanings Condensed In The Seemingly Innocent Images Of Seed And Soil Drawing On Her Work In A Small Turkish Village Of Sunni Muslims, She Shows Us That The Images Are Categorically Different, Hierarchically Ordered, And Unequally ValuedThe Ways In Which The Creation Of A Child Is Understood In Turkey Furnish A Key To Understanding A Whole Range Of Turkish Attitudes Toward Sexuality And Gender, Honor And Shame, Authority And Submission, Time And Space, Inside And Outside, Open And Closed Moreover, The Symbols And Meanings By Which They Represent Procreation Provide The Means For Understanding Relationships Between Such Seemingly Disparate Elements As The Body, Family, House, Village, Nation, This World And Other World Delaney Points Out That These Symbols Do Not Embellish Reality They Provide The Key To A Particular Conception Of It, A Conception That Gives Coherence To Social Life The Patterns Revealed Are Not Distinctly Turkish They Also Comment On Some Of Our Own Deeply Held Assumptions And Values About Procreation

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    I probably learnedabout Turkey from this book than any other I ve read over the last year A richly detailed, beautiful written ethnography of a Turkish village in the early 1980s Delaney explores themes of gender, family, and village life within the context of place and time, modernity, Islam, and Turkish n

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    I have to admit I was angry for a while after I read this book Rural Turkey is very different and foreign to me The inequality and discrimination of women was hard to read about without a bais My ethnocentrism got the better of me a few times The book as a whole is very interesting gender study of how culture, r

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    partially read 2008 interesting observations on Turkish cosmology

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