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50 Years of Amicizia Reading 50 Years Of Amicizia Author Stefano Breccia Thomashillier.co.uk The Friendship Case Is The World S Longest Running Case Of Alien Contact And Involves People Than Any Other It Continues Today Throughout The World These Are Completely Physical Contacts With The People Of Other Worlds, Not Mystical Channelings And Speculations These Facts Make Amicizia A Unique Rosetta Stone For Understanding The UFO Phenomenon And Humanity S Place In The Cosmos This Is The Second Book By Stefano Breccia, An Italian Engineer And University Professor Who Was Intimately Involved In The Amicizia Contacts In 2009, His Book Mass Contacts First Introduced The Amicizia Experiences To A Worldwide Audience Its Contents Were A Revelation Even To Most Ufologists Before He Died Unexpectedly In Early 2012 Breccia Completed This Book, 50 Years Of Amicizia Friendship Building On The First Book, Most Of It Is Information Never Published Before A Glance At Some Of Its Surprises Make It Clear That This Is Not Just Another UFO Book The Most Detailed, Complete, Technical Description Of A Saucer Propulsion System Ever Published Analysis Of The Clear Colour Photograph Of An 8 Foot Tall Alien Crew Member The Transcript Of A Crew Conversation Of An Akrij Saucer, Including A Landing And Emergency Take Off When It Came Under Fire Breccia S Description And Data From His Own Flight In A Flying Saucer Photographs Of The Interior Of An Alien Craft With An Introduction By Dr Roberto Pinotti And Contributions From Teresa Barbatelli, Paolo Di Girolamo, Connie Menger, Carlo Bolla And Others, The Book Is Destined To Become A Classic This Is Breccia S Final Witness To The Reality That We Have Friends Among Us Who Are Ready To Help Us Move Forward And Join Them In The Greater Community Of Our Galaxy.

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