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Moondog, The Viking of 6th Avenue Moondog Is One Of America S Great Originals Alan Rich, New York MagazineHere Is One Of The Most Improbable Lives Of The Twentieth Century A Blind And Homeless Man Who Became The Most Famous Eccentric In New York And Who, With Enormous Diligence, Rose To Prominence As An Internationally Respected Music PresenceBorn Louis Thomas Hardin In , Moondog First Made An Impression In The Late S When He Became A Mascot Of The New York Philharmonic At Carnegie Hall His Unique, Melodic Compositions Were Released On The Prestige Jazz Label In The Late S The Viking Garbed Moondog Was A Pop Music Sensation On Columbia Records Moondog Is The Noted Inspiration For The Contemporary Freak Folk Movement Led By Devendra BanhartMoondog S Compositional Style Influenced His Former Roommate, Philip Glass, Whose Preface And Performances Of Moondog Works Appear In The Book Moondog S Work Transcends Labels And Redefines The Distinction Between Popular And High Culture A CD Compilation With A Variety Of Moondog S Compositions Is Bound Into The BookThe CD Tracklisting Is As Follows Caribea Performer Composer Moondog To A Sea Horse Performer Composer Moondog Trees Against The Sky Performer Composer Moondog Oo Debut Performer Composer Moondog Autumn Performer Composer Moondog Moondog Monologue Performer Composer Moondog Moondog S Theme Performer Composer Moondog Trimbas In Quarters Performer Composer Moondog I Came Into This World Alone Performers Moondog, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Jon GibsonComposer Moondog Be A Hobo Performers Moondog, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Jon GibsonComposer Moondog Why Spend The Dark Night With You Performers Moondog, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Jon GibsonComposer Moondog All Is Loneliness Performers Moondog, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Jon GibsonComposer Moondog Organ Rounds Performer Composer Moondog Canon In F Major, Book I Performer Paul JordanComposer Moondog Canon In B Flat Major, Book III Performer Paul JordanComposer Moondog Canon In B Flat Major, Book I Performer Paul JordanComposer Moondog Canon In B Flat Major, Book II Performer Paul JordanComposer Moondog Canon In G Sharp Minor, Book I Performer Paul JordanComposer Moondog Canon In C Sharp Minor, Book II Performer Paul JordanComposer Moondog Snakebite Rattle Performer Stefan LakatosComposer Moondog Trimbas And Woodblock In Performer Stefan LakatosComposer Moondog When I Am Deep In Sleep Performer Stefan LakatosComposer Moondog Rabbit Hop Performer Composer Moondog Dog Trot Performer Composer Moondog Bird S Lament Performer Composer Moondog Viking Performer Composer Moondog Heimdall Fanfare Performer Composer Moondog Intro And Overtone Continuum Performer Composer Moondog

About the Author: Robert Scotto

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Moondog, The Viking of 6th Avenue book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Scotto author readers around the world.

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    Throughout my whole life I have heard of, or was aware of Moondog, but oddly enough I didn t listen to his music till a year ago My family had the first Moondog album and it is perhaps one of the first records that I was aware of nevertheless I avoided him I think mostly because

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    I confess I learned about Moondog via a utoob accident Frankly I think this minimal movement in music became a horse skeleton already probably even before the Velvets did their Heroin Nevertheless, one still finds oneself occasionally charmed.I remember last time I tried to watch Koyaanis

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    Man I love Moondog and it s so great to see the ascendancy of his work amongst young listeners thanks to the great Honest Jons comp from the other year and that sweet grey area reissue of the Snaketime record and etc.Lots of great, thorough scholarship went into this book It s not super well writt

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    Moondog was a fascinating musician and person Blinded at 16 by an accidental explosion, he moved from Wyoming to New York City in the late 1940s Moondog lived on the streets or in hotels for the most part, performing his music for anyone who would hear with instruments of his own making He made his own clo

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    That such an interesting life could be the subject of such a tedious, numbing tome is a feat in and of itself A testament to the author s committment to pretentious prose.

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    Huge Moondog fan here, but I gave up on this biography less than halfway through It s tedious and not well written, though I learned a few things I suppose but I spenttime wondering about what an author wants from his biography than I did about the subject of the biography Bummer Probably better to spend your money time on

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    Moondog aka Louis Hardin, American, 1916 1999 was a highly unusual blind artist street musician, accomplished prolific composer, and eccentric cult personality I m glad I got this book by Scotto, who knew Moondog since the 1960 s and interviewed him It s informative and a fine addition to my arcane music library.I wanted this book b

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    This book was a slog to finish, and I really wanted to love it because I like the subject so much As much as I appreciate the meticulous research and detail that went into this labor of love, the author never quite manages to bring Moondog to life His treatment of the man s itinerant childhood years felt the most developed and effective, but

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    I can t remember the first time I heard Moondog, but, as with Robert Wyatt s post Soft Machine output, I was blown away by how varied the guy s music was, and how impossible to categorize it was This book does a good job balancing details about Moondog s s personal life with his unorthodox theories of music, which have been admired and appropriated b

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    Too bad that such a weak story teller tackled such a mysterious subject i m really interested to know about moondog s life, but can t get myself to pick the book up again the author goes on all these digressions about what it must have been like for moondog growing up that are truly vacuous oh well

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