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God Wants A Powerful People In Her Compelling Style, Bestselling Author Sheri Dew Outlines Sources Of True Power And Teaches The Importance Of Learning To Lay Hold Upon The Blessings Available To All True Followers Of Jesus Christ As She Shares Memorable Experiences From Her Own Life And The Lives Of Others, She Explains How We Can Access The Powers Of Heaven To Help Us Live Up To Who We Really Are

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    Sheri Dew never disappoints This is inspiring motivational.

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    I ve always considered myself a Sheri Dew fan Loved her biography of President Gordan B Hinckley Her book, No Doubt About It, is truly one of my favorites I love her strength I love her leadership I love her

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    I love Sheri Dew, and while this wasn t necessarily a page turner, it has real depth and wisdom, and I found myself marking things on nearly every page I think it s going to take some time and probably a litt

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    Notes from GOD WANTS A POWERFUL PEOPLE by, Sheri Dew If there is no name given then I m quoting the author CHAPTER 1 GOD WANTS A POWERFUL PEOPLE Do you think there is any chance The Lord would have inspired Hi

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    I absolutely LOVE Sheri Dew, her books are great reads this book was no exception Some of my favorite quotes were Our mission on Earth is designed to change us It is designed to transform us To give us the chan

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    Don t let the three star rating fool you Sheri Dew inspires me Her writing is based on everything I ve already read and known because most of what she writes is quoting someone else She sets it down in a precise

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    I really like the way sheri dew tells her stories in a conversational matter Maybe I didn t get the flow of this book because I was so sporadic in reading it, but I felt like I could have read the first three and

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    I was a bit disappointed by this book I couldn t quite put my finger on is at I read, but many of the others who have reviewed this book summed it up better than I can In essence, it just seemed simple To be sure,

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    This book is an expansion of one of Sheri Dew s previous talks about God wanting NEEDING a powerful people to help spread the gospel to the world Pulling from many various speakers, both within and out of the Churc

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    A powerful book on transforming our lives with God s power While it s stuff we all ready know, Sister Dew has a way to infuse it and make us think about it in a way that inspires and uplifts.Favorite quotes Although

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