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Desperate Housewives of Avalon (Ambrosia Lane #2) The Desperate Crew Is Back With A Romp Through Resort Island, Avalon Aphrodite Convinces Artemis It S Past Time For Her To Get Her V Card Punched Artemis Doesn T Want Any Messy Entanglements, Has A Taste For Bad Boys, And The Sexy Mordred Le Fey Fits The Bill Too Bad He S Cursed By The Lady Of The Lake.Aphrodite Has Had Her Fill Of Love Being Used As A Curse And Decides To Give Vivienne Her Comeuppance She Ends Up With Trials Of Her Own When All She Wanted Was A Vacation.Secretly, Vivienne Thinks She Deserves To Be Punished Because She S Been In Love With Arthur Since She Handed Him Excalibur And Engineered The Fall Of Guinevere And Camelot.Gwen S Marriage To Lancelot Has Been In Name Only Since 1912 A Fact That S Only Made Avalon S Resident Evil Enchantress, Morgan Le Fey, Too Happy.Come Along For The Ride As These Goddesses Take Control Of Their Fate Or So They Think And Find Their Happily Ever Afters.

10 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives of Avalon (Ambrosia Lane #2)

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    Great sense of humour and twist with Greek mythology I love this book

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    I think I have found a new series to fall in love with This story is book 2 in the series dealing with my favorite characters in mythology This deals with the characters from the legend of Aurthor It was a great book and I cannot wait for .

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    I was not sure if the author could keep up the easy banter and delicious coolness of the first book but I have to say this one was even better This time the desperate houswives come down from Olympus and find themselves in the magic isle of Avalon yes, complete with Arthur and h

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    I totally love this book it takes a whole new spin on the King Arthur Legends all your favorite characters are still there Artemis and Aphrodite along with all of the classic King Arthur characters I can t wait to start the next book I totally recommend this one

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    Another great entry in the Desperate Housewives of Olympus series The drama did not dissappoint and neither the romance or the ridiculousness.

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    Goddesses on holiday Book 2 is just as good as book 1 Loved the addition of the Arthurian legend, what a tangled web they all weave Very entertaining read xx

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    I ll review this novel as the book it wants to be, so I won t be taken in consideration the fact that its genre is not one of my favourite ones but I ve read some romance or porn ish novels.The story is quite linear but a bit fast as I didn t buy that a simple event suddenly changed all the love lives of all these peo

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    The Desperate Crew is back with a romp through resort island, Avalon Aphrodite convinces Artemis it s past time for her to get her V card punched Artemis doesn t want any messy entanglements, has a taste for bad boys, and the sexy Mordred Le Fey fits the bill Too bad he s cursed by the Lady of the Lake.Aphrodite has had her fil

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    Greek mythology weaves beautifully with Arthurian legend in DeWylde s story of gods and goddesses, plus a few lucky mortals, vacationing on the island of Avalon Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the eternal virgin, decides she wants someone to rid her of her pesky maidenhood, and asks her BFF, Aphrodite, goddess of love, to help a sister

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    Series Housewives 2Category Genre Fantasy, RomanceReceived from Saranna DeWylde in exchange for an honest review Recommended for 18 due to sexual situationsGrammar editing ungraded book received as an unedited ARC errors excusedThis is the second of the Desperate Housewives series, but it does stand on its own I know for sure, because I didn t kno

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