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Romeo And Juliet Romeo And Juliet Are In Love, But Their Families Are Bitter Enemies Set In Medieval Verona, A Place Of Sword Fights, Secrets And Magic Potions, Their Tragic Love Story Plays Out To A Desperate End

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    A quick recap of the most famous love story of all time Bad timing, bad luck and lack of communication are a few reasons that led to the death of Romeo and Juliet I guess we will never grow tired of a tale of love like this one.

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    It was a weird story, didn t make sense No beginning or end.

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    A great retelling

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    This is a condensed version of Shakespeare s famous play It is written in simple, modern English and the plot is easy to understand The emotion and true feel for the play is lost through this version, but it s an interesting introduction for younger children I m not sure that our girls were ready for the violence and plot twists, but they d

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    I m not one for reading Shakespeare But found myself reading this with my Daughter She is learning about Romeo and Juliet and didn t understand the original text So i thought by finding a book that i knew she would understand and hoped that she could understand the story I must say I m looking forward to her book review very much from reading this bo

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    I think it was a so sad story because Romeo and Juliet, who are the main characters died in the story Their family hated each other, but Romeo and Juliet fell in love each other That s why the main characters could not marry each other Before the main characters died, Juliet s cousin Tybalt and Romeo s friend died.

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