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Craving (Willow Creek, #1) PDF Epub Craving Willow Creek, 1 Author Stephanie Summers Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Librarian Note An Alternate Cover For This Edition Can Be Found Here.Welcome To Willow Creek People Are Happy, Crime Is Practically Nonexistent, Life Is Good Unless You Re Sabine Crowley, Who Has Been Chosen To Be The Next Blood Bag For The Vampire Lord Who Has Protected The Town From Otherworldly Creatures For 200 Years Sabine Has Big Dreams For Her Life, And None Of Them Include Becoming A Vampire S Concubine On Her 18th Birthday, She Seeks Solitude To Process The Cruel Turn Her Destiny Has Taken As She Sits Alone In Cleary Park, A Sexy Stranger Approaches Her He S Tall, Mysterious, Handsome, And A Complete Jerk He Soon Reveals Himself To Be A Vampire And She S Terrified Of Him And Her Strange Attraction To Him She Wants To Get As Far Away From Him As Possible, Yet Finds Herself Wondering If She Ll See Him Again Remy, The Cocky Newcomer Vampire, Has Been Summoned By His Maker, Bastian, To Take His Place Beside Him In The Hierarchy Of Vampires Inhabiting Willow Creek He S None Too Thrilled To Be Stuck In A Boring Little Town In The Middle Of Nowhere Where He Ll Have To Feed Exclusively From The Girl He S Been Paired With He S Repulsed By The Whole Situation When Sabine Tries To Run Away From Her Fate, Remy Is Forced To Follow And Bring Her Back They Re Unwillingly Thrust Into Each Other S Lives And Reluctantly Find An Undeniable Attraction Between Themselves Will They Ever Look Past Their Contempt For One Another And Act On Their Urges Or Are They Destined To Hate Each Other Forever 4 4.5 stars It was super funny great However, there were some glaringly obvious holes in the story That being said, the dialogue and humor was spot on. I ve knocked this down a star because I do what I want 2.5 Stars This story borrows elements from every popular vampire TV show I ve ever seen I m not kidding Hello, my name is Sabine Crowley and I am the chosen one Shhhhhhhhh, Sabine, you are so not that fucking cool Every ten years, due to some two hundred year old accord with the Vampires, an 18 year old is chosen as a blood concubine for one of the resident vampires in Willow Creek For the remainder of their life they will reside in Willow Creek Manor, well fed and cared for, as a companion of sorts for their paired blood sucker In exchange for this sacrifice the townspeople are protected from invading creatures of the night or day by these select vampires You see Sunnydale Willow Creek is located on the hellmouth some ambiguous supernatural draw that is never explained, so if the residents didn t have protection they would be slaughtered by all the Big Bads drawn there Remy the matched vampire directly compares himself to Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries , stating that he thinks the character may have been modelled after him Now, given the behaviour of our immature and petulant male lead, I think that is a bit of a stretch Though the ability to influence and erase huma Girl is given to vampire overlord Girls hates vampire Vampire hates girl But not really, because they both have teh hotness Bad guy does stuff Vampire saves girl Vampire wedding happens The end.I wasn t impressed by this book It was an interesting idea, but I didn t like the writing or the characters Normally I m not overly critical of a character s behavior unless they do something absolutely loathsome, like be sexist or litter , but these characters were just so immatureYou see, I m stuck in this shitty little town from now on until you cease to exist So, why not mess with you when I get bored So believable for a vampire who s over 400 years oldYou didn t finish your food Do you still want it I m going to throw it out if you don t It stinks already Can t imagine how putrid it will smell when it goes bad I don t have anything for you to sleep in, but you can sleep in my shirt It might not cover your ass all the way, but then I ve already seen it, so What s the matter You ve never seen a real man with a real knob before Charming, Remy Really charmingI had to watch for signs you were planning something, and I had to make sure no outside vampires were stalking you How else could I do that, other than watch you when you were alone in your room I really just couldn t get over how immature the characters, Sabine knows that there s a good chance she ll be chosen as the next sacrifice to fulfill the infamous Willow creek vampire treaty Still, she is devastated when she receives the notice on her eighteenth birthday and realizes that she will never be able to live out her dreams When Sabine meets the vampire she will be paired with, she is horrified Remy may be the favorite progeny of Bastion, Lord of the Willow creek vampires, but he is arrogant, selfish, rude and uncaring She knows that she will never be to him that a food source, and yet she can t help or understand the growing attraction she feels every time they are together Craving was a pleasant read I m a sucker for romance, so I enjoyed the storyline which focuses mainly on the conflict and chemistry between the two main characters, Sabine and Remy The characters themselves are pretty standard, lacking in depth at times, but there was a nice chemistry between them, and I quite enjoyed Remy s snarky

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