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Know That There Were Three Tables There The First Was The Round Table, With King Arthur As Companion And Lord The Second, The Table Of Errant Companions, Were Those Who Went Seeking Adventure And Waited To Become Companions Of The Round Table Those Of The Third Table Never Left Court And Did Not Go On Quests Or In Search Of Adventures, Either Because Of Illness Or Because They Lacked Courage These Knights Were Called The Less Valued Knights Sir Humphrey Du Val Of The Table Of Less Valued Knights Camelot S Least Prestigious Table, Boringly Rectangular In Shape And With One Leg Shorter Than The Other So That It Always Has To Be Propped Up With A Folded Napkin To Stop It From Rocking Has Been Banned By King Arthur From Going On Quests, And Hasn T Left The Castle In Fifteen Years He S Tempted Out Of His Imposed Retirement By Elaine, Who Is Looking For Her Kidnapped Fianc She Appears To Be The Classic Damsel In Distress, But Turns Out To Have A Big Secret To HideAcross The Border In Puddock, The New Young Queen, Martha, Is Appalled To Be Married Off Against Her Will To The Odious Prince Edwin Of Tuft She Disguises Herself As A Boy And Runs Away, But Doesn T Get Very Far Before The Locum Of The Lake Standing In For The Full Time Lady Intercepts Her With Some Startling News Martha S Brother, The True Heir To The Throne Of Puddock, Is Not Dead As She Has Always Thought, And Martha Must Go On Her Own Quest To Find HimThe Two Quests Collide, Entangling Humphrey, Elaine And Martha S Lives, And Introducing A Host Of Arthurian Misfits, Including A Twelve Year Old Crone, A Magic Sword With A Mind Of Her Own, A Freakishly Short Giant, And Not One But Three Men In Iron MasksWith Gods Behaving Badly Marie Phillips Showed That She Has A Rare Gift For Comedy, Taking Familiar Characters From Legend And Giving Them An Ingenious Contemporary Twist In The Table Of Less Valued Knights It S Thomas Malory S Turn, And I M Afraid You Ll Never Read Him In Quite The Same Way Again The Table of Less Valued Knights

About the Author: Marie Phillips

My novels are Gods Behaving Badly , The Table of Less Valued Knights and Oh, I Do Like TO Be I also co wrote the BBC Radio 4 series and book Warhorses of Letters , the BBC Radio 4 series Some Hay in a Manger , and was one of the contributors to the collection of spoof erotic essays, Fifty Shelves of Grey as Vanessa Parody My most recent book is a choose your own adventure called Create Your Own Midlife Crisis There s another author with the same name as me who writes books about cats She isn t me, although I do like cats.

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    Fantastic, Funny, and Unforgettable I highly recommend this comedic tale to fans of Monty Python and The Princess Bride.

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    I wasn t sure how I d feel about this one when I requested it On the one hand, I love Arthuriana and I have enjoyed several loose interpretations of it, even humorous light hearted ones On the other hand, I m not very good at humour myself, and can be a bit snooty about anything that messes too much with my views on Arthuriana.It turns out, I really enjoyed it, and read it in

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    Cute, ultra fluffy homage to Monty Python s Arthurian knights, with an emphasis on inclusion that shouldn t work but largely does Alas, no killer rabbits Because I guess it s still progress if the author manages to exchange an older set of stereotypes for a newer set Here, ethnic minorities and gay characters emerge as uniformly saintly Ya wanna grab the author and say People Wr

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    4.5 stars.A very pleasant surprise Not quite Arthurian, not quite Monty Python, but elements of both.Modern language sometimes quite ripe make this an easy read, and the dual story of knights, princesses and quests is plundered fully for comic potential, is also well characterised and lots of fun.You know about Arthur s famous Round Table of course Bet you ve never heard of the oth

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    A very amusing parody set in the time of Camelot and King Arthur The hero Sir Humphrey du Val has been, after an unfortunate incident involving his wife, demoted to the Table of Less Valued Knights On this night, he is reminiscing about better days and has lingered too long after dinner when all the other knights have left, he finds himself presented, quite by accident, with a quest t

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    Hilarious and entertaining, this is a quick and satirical story featuring the common tropes of the classic quest formula and chivalry.A half sized giant, a deformed horse, a knight of The Table of Less Valued Knights, a damsel in distress and a missing fianc e Throw in the Pentecost Quest, a King Prince Consort with a brother complex, men in iron masks, a stand in for the Lady of the Lak

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    I m always down for some historical mythological fiction in a comedic style, so The Table of Less Valued Knights seemed like a good proposition Marie Phillips delivers an Arthurian quest beset with archetypes, allusions, and anachronisms Her characters quip like they re in a Christopher Moore novel albeit slightly less self aware and her vision of Knights of Camelot is every bit as decadent

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    This book wins the prize for one of the worst of the year and I will do a little analysis to explain why First off, it is readable It has words on a page characters a plot and a satisfying end It is possible to follow the convoluted story and make sense of what is happening So its fault does not lie in the readability Before I go further this book further enforces my belief that writing a nove

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    2.5 stars, i guess i didn t like all of it, but i also didn t dislike the whole thing likely i would have settled on 3 stars, had i not read this while considering the novel as part of the women s prize for fiction longlist i m not totally sure why it made the cut, when a novel like All My Puny Sorrows did not.anywayphillips seems to have fun playing with arthurian legend, through the lens of mon

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    I got this book because I loved the cover and it turned out to be the perfect read for this week A fun read that makes you grin as you follow along this Pythonish Camelot quest I hope she comes out with a sequel.

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