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The Truth About Leo Initial ThoughtsI enjoyed this new addition to Katie MacAlister s Noble series This book focuses on Princess Dagmar and her love interest Leo If you are not sure that you d like historical romance, this series may be a good start as it combines historical romance with a great some comedy It s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face As an added bonus, characters from the earlier books make a lengthy appearance in this book It s so nice to see Gillian and Noble, Harry and Plum and a grown up Nick with lady problems of his own The Review I fell in love with Katie MacAlister s Noble series when I first read Noble Intentions I am convinced that nobody writes historical romance like Ms MacAlister Her books are full of the usual romance, however they can also be classified as romantic comedies, full of hilarious situations and tongue in cheek humor The Noble series is a perfect place for the uninitiated to get a taste of historical romance and all of its rather strange vocabulary Can you tell that HR is not my usual genre The Truth About Leo is the fourth book in the Noble series and while it can be read as a stand alone book, you ll want to go back to Noble Intentions, just to meet Gillian and Noble and her two smelly dogs.What I love about this book is that the women are certainly a force to be reckoned wi That s the second time you ve saved my life I m a princess, she said loftily, as if he needed reminding Saving handsome men from certain death is what we do best.That and waving gracefully to crowds Have you ever seen me wave My mother taught meOh, dear author, I ve missed you.I attribute Katie MacAlister to jump starring my reading heart when I picked up Love in the Time of Dragons whilst perusing paperbacks at my local Target one Sunday afternoon in 2010 Real life had put my love of reading romance novels on a back burner for decades and with children then off to college, me finally done with college, work life and personal life in perfect chaotic order, I was looking to reacquant myself with my first true addiction romance novels Baltic, Tully, and Brom were just what I didn t even know I needed Then I read everything on KM s backlistso I am well versed in her writing career and remain a stalwart fangirl4ever With that said, I also understand much of the reviewer s comments about her most current writing style, that of a Marx brother s slapstick comedy routine And I am in agreement In part Her stories can be farcical and silly, with some of the banter verging on tedious, but who do A light hearted, sweet, and fun read, The Truth About Leo was a wonderful historical romance I really liked this book It was entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.Dagmar was a good heroine She refused to let anyone, even the king of Denmark, tell her what to do with her life and she was clever or perhaps impulsive enough to figure a way out She was a likable heroine and I thought she was great.Leo was a total sweetie He was the definition of a gentleman, totally adorable, and utterly endearing I really liked him I thought he was perfect.The romance was lovely Dagmar and Leo were great together and I liked how they both didn t bother to hide their feelings for each other And, the chemistry between them was hot, considering how they both could keep their hands off each other or, at least, couldn t stop thinking about it I thought they were great together.The plot was well paced and I was hooked the entire way through, though the story did start to drag near the end The story was delightful I m so frustrated by this series I didn t really like book 1 and 2, but then I LOVED book 3 However, I ve been disappointed by 4 I understand what the author was trying to achieve in the jail section, but it was not only confusing, but began to look really messy It s hard to get characters to talk at the same time on paper and make it understandable That being said, I really liked the beginning even if the novel was once again very predictable Absolutely adorable I haven t laughed aloud over a historical romance in a while, but this one had me chuckling throughout Run to get the book nope DNF at 2% Terrible reader Literal Cat Saving in the first 2 min Annoying My boobs are too big conversation Mediocre at best other reviews Not wasting my time even though it is a library find. Katie MacAlisterYour Serene Highness finds, saves and uses a wounded and dying English spy to get to England, for free Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, the Earl of March, is a spy for the Crown and has just finished his assignment in St Petersburg, Russia and on his way to Germany via Copenhagen Leo isn t happy, when a tree climbing kitty, his proud horse, a troublemaking girl and 3 Danish soldiers with swords, make his day go very bad Princess Dagma Marie Sophie of Sonderburg Beck has no family left, but the Prince Regent Frederick of Denmark, her greedy, mean and slightly whimpy cousin After her Sainted mother dies, her Dearest Papa and her Mom s companion, now hers, Julia Deworth are all she has left Over a year after her Dearest Papa dies, Prince Frederick wants Dagma gone from Denmark and she has 3 chooses, back to her Sonderburg Beck relatives who hate and disowned her father , to her mother s English relatives who has 10 kids or a French Convent Dagma doesn t have a kneel on your knees and pray bone in her body So when a wounded and dying man shows up in her garden, Julia and her try to save him, then Dagma marries and uses him for free passage to England.Dag When it comes to this series, I get so excited to see each new installment because I know I m going to get high entertainment from cover to cover I was laughing before I finished the first page This book is part of a series and its best read in order due to the inclusion of recurring characters and particularly one side plot that carries over from the last book However, this does feature a brand new couple and their story is completely contained in this book.The story opens with Princess Dagmar, cousin to the Crowned Prince of Denmark, given an ultimatum from him that she leave to her mother s relations in England or he ll have her sent to a convent Dagmar goes to the English navy ships in harbor and is told that they will only transport wives and children of officers Dagmar is determined that this isn t the end of it and finds that fate is kind when she returns home to find an unconscious Englishman in her garden Serendipity She marries the insensible man who happens to be an army officer and whisks him aboard the ship to a new life in England.Leo has no idea how he ended up on a ship for England, recovering for a wound and married to a beautiful, headstrong Princess He knows Dagmar hasn t told him the whole truth of h EPUB The Truth About Leo Author Katie MacAlister Oknalubliniec.eu Can Dagmar Flee Denmark Dagmar Marie Sophie Is A Poverty Stricken Danish Princess Whose Annoying Royal Cousin Is About To Have Her Stuffed Away In A Convent When She Finds A Wounded Man Unconscious In Her Garden, She Sees A Way Out Of Her Desperate Situation By Lying To Leo Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, Seventh Earl Of March, And Spy In The Service Of The King, Finds Himself On The Wrong End Of A Saber And Left For Dead He Wakes Up Not Remembering What Happenedin The Care Of A Beautiful Woman Who Says She Is His Wife Back In London, Leo With The Help Of His Old Friends The Eccentric Britton Family Sets Out To Unravel What He S Forgotten Is Dagmar Truly The Wonderful, Irrepressible Woman Who Makes His Heart Sing, Or Is She A Dangerous Enigma Bent On His Destruction The truth about Leo is the 4th installment in the Noble series, this being the first I have read in this series I would say it can totally be read as a standalone But after you read this one you ll probably smash through the others I found this book to be one of the best Historical Romances I have read, it embodies everything you can want Humor, Historical setting, Love, Deception and Romance.Dagmar Marie Sophie is a princess who also happens to be down on her luck with both parents gone and the impending eviction from the only house she knows, where to go that is the question Dagmar is doing extremely unladylike things to keep food on her table but her ideas get even questionable when it comes to gaining passage to England This witty Danish royalty will do whatever it takes to stay out of the convent her boorish cousin intends to send her to So when a solider of sorts is unconscious and looks like death might take him, she sees opportunity Marry the man If he dies you get safe passage, if he lives you get safe passage and a husband to later divorce Seems rea

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For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialo

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