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The Key (The Engelsfors Trilogy, #3) Reading The Key The Engelsfors Trilogy, 3 By Mats Strandberg Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The Final Installment Of The Engelsfors Trilogy An International Sensation With Rights Sold In 29 Countries The Key Combines Thrilling Action And Dark Magic With All The Passion And Drama Of Teen Life The Result Is Nothing Less Than Explosive.By The End Of The Second Book, Fire, The Remaining Chosen Ones Know They Are The Last Defense Against The Mysterious, Demonic Forces That Have Been Plaguing Engelsfors.The Chosen Ones Are Still Coming To Terms With Their Loss When Evil Strikes Again, Barely A Month After The Showdown In The School Gym They Have No Chance To Recover, And No Choice But To Rally Together To Try To Prevent The Apocalypse Even While Their Personal Dramas Threaten To Tear Them Apart.Time Is Running Out For The Chosen Ones To Fulfil The Prophecy And Save The World, But Whether They Succeed Or Not, One Thing Is Certain Everything Will Change.

About the Author: Mats Strandberg

Mats Strandberg is an award winning novelist and journalist He is a regular columnist for Sweden s biggest evening newspaper, has been named Columnist of the Year by Sweden s Newspapers and Magazines organization, and had published three previous novels, with rights sold in numerous countries.

10 thoughts on “The Key (The Engelsfors Trilogy, #3)

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    I can not believe this series is over Best ending ever, I NEED MORE BOOKS I really hope they are writing a companion series, or a series based 10 years after these events WOULD BE AWESOME

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    Los finales de saga trilog a me dan mucho miedo Los ltimos finales que he le do Sinsajo, te miro a ti me han parecido cobardes y mal llevados, como si no se hubiera pensado en el final hasta que toc escribirlo Pero eso no ocurre con Engelsfors Cuando lees The Key te das

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    Jag var tveksam efter Cirkeln Jag hade v ntat mig en historia med starkare tonvikt p fantasyelementen n p de traditionella ungdomsboksklich erna som inte s llan framkallar akuta allergiska reaktioner hos mig Finnar, killproblem och ton rsfylla orsakar l tt kl da Men d jag

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    One must be afraid of power, always Power is dangerous and must be handled with caution, carefully examined and cared for Above all, it must be shared.What amess .So confusing So long.I m so happy i got to read this trilogy It s wonderful The plot The world building The cha

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    Who saves the world most of the time School girls with super powers or super guys in latex costumes This time we are talking about school girls with super powers And most of the time such stories turn out to be very cheesy and the center of attention is some boy, not, uhummm,

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    I could ve sworn I had already written a review on this when I finished it a bit ago, but apparently not Or if I did, it s definitely gone I think.Anyways, I enjoyed this book somewhat extremely The ending, the characters, the plot it was all very right and fitting As I have sa

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    I read this book in Swedish The Key is another great book in the Engelsfors trilogy It s definitely too long, but still a really good book with an interesting storyline and lots of plot twists I never knew what was going to happen next, or who you were supposed to trust view spoile

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    Jag klarade mitt m l Jag lyckades l sa ut den h r boken innan maj tog slut

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