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Whiskey Island PDF Epub Whiskey Island Author Emilie Richards Wgf2011.eu The USA Today Bestselling Author Is Back With These Newly Repackaged Favorites An Unforgettable Two Book Story Of Three Sisters Whose Lives Have Been Shaped By A 100 Year Old Secret And A Hidden Legacy That Will Lead Them Home At Last To Ireland Reissue.

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    Quite a good book actually I will admit it took me about 80 pages to get into but once you get all the characters sorted and know who is who it just gets better and better It is actually two stories in one current day and the other about 100 years in the past I loved both stories, but probably enjoyed the story 100 years previous better maybe only because i do love that sort of story I do recommend will probably takethan a weekend rea

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    Jane Eyre is my all time favorite classic book Whiskey Island is my all time favorite non classic book I generally do not like to re read books Once I know the story, I can t find the patience to read through it all again This story, for some reason, is an exception I think I ve read it three times ...

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    Women s fiction is not romance There are formulas for both types of books, but they should not be lumped together Romances ultimately are about love and marriage Women s fiction usually include romance, but the growth of the women characters is very important.Emilie Richards has written a wonderful novel There is definitely some happily ever aspects to the story, however there is muchThere is the history of parts of Cleveland, there is

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this book Still thinking about it after Two books in this series Whiskey Island is the first one and The Parting Glass is the second one Really need to be read in order Pretty quick light read, a tad long, but left ...

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    Ce livre a t publi aux Editions Mira qui fait parti du groupe Harlequin, a m a fait un peu peur au d but, je dois l avouer Mais j ai vraiment accroch la plume l Emilie Richards, qui nous livre ici un roman comme je les aime En effet, il se d roule deux poques diff ...

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    The best Emilie Richards that I have read The Irish Donague family is followed both in the 1800s through a priests journal, and also in current day The characters are amazing hardworking people, but not without failings...

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    While this book was quite slow at times, I did end up liking this novel of one family holding together in present time and learning of their strong heritage from past.

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    As a former Clevelander, I enjoyed reading about modern day and 19th Century Cleveland I still need to research the real Whiskey Island and find out what was real and what was fiction I preferred the parts of the novel that took place in the 19th Century and wished those parts were longer rather than the focus being on the modern day I also liked how it showed the Catholic priesthood in a good light Certainly, the priesthood deserves the cri

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    This was a good story It had a lot going on and moved along well I would readof her books.

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    Excellent novel Three young women try to raise themselves after their mother dies and their father walks out on them Each has their own struggles in life but the three of them come together once again after a failed car jacking in the family saloon Lots of excitement in this fast moving boo...

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