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The Glass Prince Kidnapping Was Not Daniel S Plan, But When He Met A Man Who Seemed Unaffected By His Magic, Daniel Couldn T Just Let Him GoEren Has Every Reason To Hate Daniel, And No Reason At All To Like Him He S Not Some Fairytale To Be Kept In A Glass Room At The Top Of A Tower And He S Definitely Going To Have To Rescue Himself He Has A Mother And Girlfriend To Get Back To, After All, And A Life Waiting For HimBut The Hardest Part Of Escaping Proves To Be His Reluctance To Leave A Man Who Is Much Than He At First Seemed

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    This book befuddled me.Its AU where a lot of people have magic and Daniel, one of the MC s is incredibly powerful both as a mage and a person, but he wasn t always this way,Eren on the other hand is a waiter and immune to magic which fascinates Daniel and compels him to do something terrible.So on one hand it s actu

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    This is a first time for me reading Sandra Bard s book the premises intrigued me what s with the accidental pun intended kidnapping and the mention of magic.The story set in an unnamed city where magic was common and mages could be found everywhere Daniel Everwood was the Glass Wizard asshole A weird, cold and arrogan

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    Very drawn out in places I felt very sad for Daniel and the way that he was used Unfortunately, I couldn t connect with either Daniel or Eren so my mind wandered.

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    My secret love is books involving kidnapping or huge power imbalances so a while back when this book was on sale briefly I had to get it A rich, mysterious magician who kidnaps you run of the mill waiter boy because his magic doesn t work on him Mmmm interesting.As kidnapping books go, I think this one initially feels less dark than manyyet p

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    3.75I enjoyed this book so as the story went on Set in an AU where the world is similar to the world we know, yet magic and magic users exist In fact, being susceptible to magic is the norm and this is why Eren is such a draw to Daniel Eren is completely unaffected by magic A rare gift or curse, depending on your perspective and we see both sides of

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    Daniel is a lonely mage with powers over glass he has had no real human contact since he was a kid for whenever he touches someone that person is unintentionally treated to glass embedded skin So naturally when he meets someone who s unaffected by his magic he s curious but then curiosity turns to obsession where then he ends up unintentionally intentionally k

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    a Daniel is not a character that redeem himself Up to the end I hate him That s a big problem he is the protagonist.b The story seems like that start from the middle and IT DID I didn t knew there is another part, in a Anthology I don t know if this story is well exp...

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    Moody and crazy yet magnificent, from the lyrical descriptions of the glass manifestations down to the personality of the magic wielder, and never actually creepy despite the premise that boils down to kidnapping and borderline obsession on his part for the boy next door who attracted his fancy The scene where glass invades the building like an unleashed force of nature is one

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    I felt I was thrown into a story in progress I really had to check this was a standalone and not the second part in a series Rather confusing and not at all compelling At least the author said what every reader must have been thinking Stockholm syndrome doesn t make this romantic in any way.

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    Wow, this was bad.

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