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The Hypnotist Download The Hypnotist Laurence Anholt Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk In The Dead Of Night, Pip Is Plucked From An Orphanage And Hired As A Farm Hand But Pip Is Black The Farmer And His Wife Are White And This Is 1960 S America, Where Race Defines You.Jack Morrow Has Left His Native Ireland Dreaming Of A New Life In The American Deep South He Has Certain Skills That He Mostly Keeps Hidden Skills In Hypnotism And Mind ControlPip And Jack S Lives Become Inextricably Linked As The Heat Of Racial Tension Builds To A Terrifying Storm Part Thriller, Part Love Story, This Extraordinary Debut Novel Looks At Where Life Can Take You When Your Expectations Are Great.Officially Endorsed By Amnesty International, The Hypnotist Was Hailed By The Bookseller In Their Ones To Watch Section As Gripping, Compelling Storytelling With A Powerful Anti Racist Message. This book was amazing It is beautifully written The Southern accent made it even authentic I loved how Laurence described every character so it felt like you knew them as well As for the story, well, it is so wonderful and sad at the same time If you re a fan of To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Help or anything similar to these great stories, then I would recommend The Hypnotist as well You learn so much when reading this book I couldn t put it down and if I had to, I couldn t stop thinking about it Definitely a must read While I was reading I always felt like this book should be read in school It is extremely educating and full of historic events a lot of them not very pleasant But they teach and inspire you in very different ways and I guess, that is what makes this book so 2018 CARNEGIE LONGLIST BOOK 15 20Looking back, I m changing my rating to two stars, because this book realy was not exceptional, and there were a load of things that annoyed me about itI do think that this was an interesting idea But I could kind of tell it was a debut novel It felt like there was to give, to come, and that s okay, because first novels aren t always perfect I feel like this was maybe not as powerful as it could have been And I found it hard to separate the sciency stuff from the magicy stuff It didn t really work for me personally The story is definitely quite dark Pip is a black boy in America at the highest point of racial tension This book covers topics such as racism, and the KKK I don t really know enough about this subject to comment on it, but I do think this book does a good job enlightening people to it and its horrors The book wasn t problematic in any way, and I really liked the themes of hope and the fact that not all the characters are horrible It made the book a pleasant experience I do have mixed opinions on the characters, though I really love Lilabelle or is it Lilybelle and her unending positivity She is a very inspirational character I also really liked Hannah The short chapter poem things from her POV are a really nice addition to the book They were both sweet and sad I found Pip a bit flat, but the character who really rubbed me off the wrong way was Jack Morrow I Quite a combination of elements They work though A very different book, The Cure for Dreaming, combined female emancipation and hypnotism in a story of women s rights in the early 20th century.Here we are placed in the 1960s, in a time and place where Jim Crow rules, where the KKK work discreetly with violence to instil fear An orphaned black boy, Pip named after his schoolteacher mother s favourite Dickens novel is taken from the orphanage to a Southern white owned farm to work as farmhand The farmer is less than friendly, but his wife is desperate for a child to read to her, and Pip reads from his mother s copy of Great Expectations and warms quickly to the obese but motherly woman he works for A Native American girl also works for them, but is mute.The second strand to the story, and second narrator offers us an outside glimpse of Pip s life Jack Morrow, Irish neighbour to the farm and local professor and expert in hypnosis, watches as Pip struggles to fit into his new life and into the community where black people are less than fairly treated, and where racist incidents are a regular occurrence Especially as the farm owner s grown son is soon hellbent on ridding the place of Pip Pip, Jack and soon the mute Hannah are caught together in an exciting tale of survival Jack s skills of hypnotism are integral to their tale, and Great Expectations is also skilfully interwoven in This book is very different from most of the others, and I cant believe it myself but I am almost pitying Erwin, for his mental instability However that does not mean in any way I pity him, I pity his family, I pity his victims And I feel like this book is pitiful Jack, or Doctor Jack Morrow to use his full moniker, starts off being very funny, and very enjoyable to listen to I didn t like the second person narration at the start, because it s different, his personality was very innocent, bright and set the wrong tone for the book ahead I thought wasting two pages on trying to hypnotise the reader, was very uncomfortable to read, and quite desperate However it linked into the story and explained a few scenes later Then the author introduced Pip, and his sad background, which made it clear, despite the title, that he was the main character, and the hero of the story I didn t like the way they introduced Mr Zachery, I thought teaching to smoke, and setting him as a rough, mean guy was setting him on to be an evil character, and then telling Pip he had lost boys before confirmed it It happened to be the second deceiving character, out of many I know this is historically accurate, and this is what would have been seen as normal

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