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Verdicts on Nehru PDF Verdicts On Nehru Ramachandra Guha 9tvuk.us On Jawaharlal Nehru S 50th Death Anniversary, Ramachandra Guha Assesses His Place In History, And His Contribution To The Building Of Modern India And Its Democratic Institutions Often, one generation s outcasts become another generation s hero Owing to the unique place he has in independent India s history as her first and longest serving prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru s reputation took him in the opposite direction So how did India s most popular statesman for nearly two decades see his reputation being tarnished long after his death Personally, I m an admirer of what Nehru achieved given the circumstances under which he w Excellently analysed and writtenThis book clearly brings out the great qualities of Nehru.while at the same time points out his faults.One thing I definitely agreehe was the best and maybe the only person fit enough to head our country during its most difficult period.W

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