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Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs Bestselling Author Of Warped Passages And Knocking On Heaven S Door And One Of Today S Most Influential And Highly Cited Theoretical Physicists, Professor Lisa Randall Once Again Effortlessly Delivers Fascinating Science To The General Reader Weaving Together The Cosmos History And Our Own In An Expanding Intellectual Adventure Story, Dark Matter And The Dinosaurs Takes Us From The Mysteries Of Dark Matter And Our Cosmic Environment To The Conditions For Life On Earth.Sixty Six Million Years Ago, An Object The Size Of A City Descended From Space To Crash Into Earth, Creating A Cataclysm That Killed Off The Dinosaurs, Along With Three Quarters Of The Other Species On The Planet What Was Its Origin Randall Proposes It Was A Comet That Was Dislodged From Its Orbit As The Solar System Passed Through A Disk Of Dark Matter That Is Embedded In The Plane Of The Milky Way Her Research Challenges The Usual Assumptions About The Simple Nature Of Dark Matter And Demonstrates How Scientists Formulate And Establish New Ideas In A Sense, It Might Have Been Dark Matter That Killed The Dinosaurs.With Her Unique And Wide Ranging Perspective, Randall Connects Dark Matter To The History Of The World In The Broadest Terms Bringing In Pop Culture And Social And Political Viewpoints, She Shares With Us The Latest Findings Established And Speculative Regarding Dark Matter, The Cosmos, The Galaxy, Asteroids, Comets, And Impacts, As Well As Life S Development And Extinctions Randall Makes Clear How Connected The Planet Is To The Makeup Of The Universe, But Also How Fragile Our Place In The Universe, Which Evolved Over Billions Of Years, Might Be.In This Brilliant And Fresh Exploration Of Our Cosmic Environment, Professor Randall Explains The Underlying Science Of Our World In The Breathtaking Tale Of A Universe In Which The Small And The Large, The Visible And The Hidden Are Intimately Related Dark Matter And The Dinosaurs Illuminates The Deep Relationships That Are Critical To Our World As Well As The Astonishing Beauty Of The Structures And Connections That Surround Us It S Impossible To Read This Book And Look At Either Earth Or Sky Again In The Same Way.

About the Author: Lisa Randall

LISA RANDALL is Professor of Physics at Harvard University She began her physics career at Stuyvesant High School in New York City She was a finalist, and tied for first place, in the National Westinghouse Science Talent Search She went on to Harvard where she earned the BS 1983 and PhD 1987 in physics She was a President s Fellow at the University of California at Berkeley, a postdoctoral

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    Give yourself to the Dark Side It is the only way you can save your friends D VaderLisa Randall, a Harvard Science professor, member of the National Academy of Sciences, named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine in 2007, and author of three previous books, likes to think big She also likes to think small Her areas of expe

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    Our Souls are DarkIt is an increasingly accepted speculation that souls might in fact be made of dark matter According to our latest models, they dark souls condense first and allow life to settle down around them Of course, they can t be detected since they are not detectable by ordinary matter science On death, the souls depart from the body, and c

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    I really enjoy science books that are well written, by a scientist who has personally contributed to the field This book certainly fits into this category, as Lisa Randall is a good writer This book relates some of the research that she and her collaborators have been doing Much of the book sets the stage so that lay readers can understand her speculative new

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    What is the speed of dark Lisa Randall, Dark MatterLisa Randall is smart But she is also able to take topics that most people know very little about dark matter, dark energy, etc and translate the hard science into books for the unwashed masses She s good I believe part of what makes Randall one of a handful of our country s great public intellectuals is her

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    I quite enjoy reading cutting edge physics books, particularly about the latest premises of quantum theory and cosmology So I thought this was right up my alley Turns out it wasn t my alley, it was a dead end I did not enjoy Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs the Astounding Interconnectedness of the Universe.I m not a physicist but as long as you leave the maths out, I can f

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    Adapted from the Literary Review This book comes garlanded with tributes, headed by the claim Only Lisa Randall can take us on such a thrilling scientific journey I beg to differ Off the top of my head, I can think of half a dozen science writers who could do a better job of describing this particular scientific story and some of them have covered almost all of the material presented h

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    I have read previous books by Lisa Randall, and liked them well enough, but her new book is in some sense unique, and extraordinary In order to show us how she has come to think that there s a connection between galactic dark matter and Earth s periodic extinctions a somewhat long shot hypothesis she takes us in an amazing tour of our Solar System and the universe, like no other science for the

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    Randall offers an exotic hypothesis to explain the demise of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago She argues that the solar system passing through a disk of dark matter in the galactic plane perturbed Oort cloud objects resulting in a large comet crashing into earth She admits the theory is highly speculative and says her real purpose is to share the underlying science To make her case she ties together d

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    Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs was over my pay grade I m afraid I understand only half of the book completely the rest was an exercise in futility However, it seems up to date and on the cutting edge of theory as much as a non scientist reader like myself, who reads pop science magazines, can comprehend National Academy of Sciences member Lisa Randall s book was published in 2015 Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs , o

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    Randall is the first to warn her reader that her new hypothesis is speculative and in need of testing However, she is excited about the kinds of questions this new direction is taking her Randall has been investigating how dark matter might be involved in not only the creation of matter itself, but possibly in the evolution of humans as well The presence of dark matter is not at all speculative It has been detected usin

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