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Number Two From The Twisted And Juvenile Mind That Brought You The National Bestseller Anchorboy Comes Another Rollicking Collection Of Embarrassing Stories That Ll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel Just A Little Bit Uncomfortable.Get Ready For Story Time With Everyone S Favourite Canadian Sportscaster, Jay Onrait Pull Up A Chair, Open A Bag Of Ketchup Chips, And Join Jay As He Reminisces About The Times He Explored The Squalid World Of Medical Marijuana Made A Mess Of Himself On The Road To Pittsburgh Got Upstaged On Live TV By Comedy Legend Martin Short Rode A Street Dragon Through The Laneways Of Sochi Shared A Drink With Jay Z And Was Then Asked To Leave And Much, Much More stories about poop A 10 10 Picking up where he left off with 2013 s Anchorboy, Onrait brings us the aptly titled Number Two, a book with essays about bathroom misadventures, travelling to an Olympics host city and the wonders of being a Canadian ex pat living in the U.S.Did anyone ask to hear about Jay s masturbation stories the very first line in the book is a funny one How about his violent diarrhea Probably not However, Jay had me laughing out loud as he recounted his several mad dashes to the bathroom as he tried his absolute hardest not to defecate all over himself It goes to show you re never too old to appreciate toilet humour.If you were a fan of his first book, a regular listener of Jay s podcast with Dan O Toole, or love watching old clips of the duo from their TSN days, you ll enjoy Number Two There s some great stuff in here about Jay s turbulent book tour for Anchorboy bumped off programming for Rob Ford Jay Onrait s second book picks up right where his first venture, Anchorboy, left off with uprooted Canadian sportscasters, Jay Dan, moving to America to work for Fox Sports If you enjoyed Anchorboy, you will love Number Two just as much If you didn t like Anchorboy, and don t enjoy Jay Dan s humour, then I have no idea why you would even think about reading this book.Hilariously well told escapades from Jay s desire to obtain a California medical marijuana card, to his book tour for Anchorboy, and my favourite, the stories from their trip and coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.Of note, from both Anchor Boy and Number Two, I would say that Jay portrays himself to be completely off the cuff, without any real goals, and in some ways that may be true, but you can also tell that he has worked on a lot of projects that require quite the opposite, including writing, and selling, two books That just might be the genius of their comedy, from their former show, Fox Sports Live, to their new show back in Canada on TSN, SC with Jay Dan, to their Jay Dan Podcast, to these two books by Jay They appear to operate without structure or plans, but continue to be successful in their delivery.Obviously, I m a big Jay Dan fan, so this read was a no brainer for me This book was published at the end of 2015 and their show in the U.S lasted for another year and a half after it was published but since has been cancelled Jay Dan have returned to Canada and to TSN and their n Another hilarious, light read from Jay Onrait.

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