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Destiny and Power This is the best biography I have ever read When I saw it was over 800 pages I was worried there might be alot if boring filler This was not the case at all I was thoroughly entertained throughout the book I came away with a new found respect for this Bush after reading thi in 2015, Destiny and Power The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush by Jon Meacham is the most recent full scale biography of the 41st president Meacham is a presidential historian and author whose biography of Andrew Jackson won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize He has also written about Thomas Jefferson and Franklin Roosevelt and is currently working on a biography of James and Dolley Madison.With 601 pages of text and nearly 200 pages of notes and bibliography, Destiny and Power is not a light read Yet this meticulously researched and largely sympathetic biography feels sprightly than it appears In his customary style, Meacham has written a thoughtful, well informed and exquisitely articulate life and times.It is uncommon for a biographer and his or her subject to meet and even extraordinary for an author to receive the type of cooperation Meacham received from George H W Bush For than a decade, Bush sat for numerous interviews, provided access to his personal diaries and encouraged the cooperation of his family and political colleagues This is one of the book s greatest strengths but also one of its latent weaknesses.As a result of this intimacy between biographer and subject, the reader is treated to a degree of familiarity which cannot be captured in most presidential biographies In many respects, Meacham s biography often feels like the memoirs Bush 41 never wrote but with a professional patina.B From Pulitzer Prize Winner And 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Jon Meacham Comes A Sweeping Yet Intimate Biography Of George H W Bush Based On Rigorous Research, Hours Of Private Interviews, And Extraordinary Access To Bush S Diaries And To His Family, Destiny And Power Paints A Vivid And Affecting Portrait Of The Distinctive American Life Of A Man From The Greatest Generation His Childhood In Connecticut, His Heroic Service In World War II, His Entry Into The Texas Oil Business, And His Storied Rise In Politics From Congressman To U.N Ambassador To Head Of The CIA To Forty First President Of The United States. Summary Meacham traces the life of our 41st president from his family s roots and values that shaped a man both deeply committed to service and country, and also highly competitive and ambitious The biography traces both his skillful leadership in handling the transition from the Cold War era, and the inability of this deeply private man to communicate his deep care for and desire to serve his country that cost him a second term.Reading this biography suggested to me that George H W Bush is perhaps under rated both as a president and a person For many, he is regarded as an asterisk between the Reagan and Clinton years And yet, as President, he skillfully navigated the nation in international relations at the end of the Cold War era that avoided provoking hard line reactionaries in the former Soviet Union, facilitating the reunification of Germany, the freedom of Soviet satellites from Communist domination, and the establishment of warm relations between the U.S and Russia He built an international coalition to decisively defeat Saddam Hussein s invasion of Kuwait and bring relief to the atrocities against Kuwaitis, containing Hussein without becoming embroiled in another Vietnam.While growing up in a privileged New England family, he was a genuine war hero, surviving being s George H W Bush is one of the few presidents that did not write his autobiography after leaving office Jon Meacham has produced the official biography on H.W Bush I have read a number of Meacham s books including American Lion which won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize.Meacham did extensive research for the book and was allowed access to Bush s diaries and numerous interviews with family and friends Needless to say he also had access to the presidential papers and other archive materials Bush 41 comes across as an ambitious and emotional man, which is different from the aloof and polished figure we normally see Meacham also reveals him to be a witty observer of other people s quirks Bush 41 was raised in privilege but did service to the country in World War II and as an elected official The book covers his life from birth to the current da George H W Bush is in some ways a neglected figure in recent American history Ronald Reagan supposedly won the Cold War abroad and defeated big government at home, leaving nothing for Bush to do but betray the Gipper s legacy A comparison with an earlier generation s view of JFK and Lyndon Johnson would be instructive, I think Bush s reputation improved during his son s administration, as he was seen as the good ones whose legacy was tarnished by a feckless son Bush 41 s positive qualities were discovered or in some cases invented out of whole cloth And yet this didn t engender a strong interest in Bush s legacy, any than Jeb Bush s reputation as the smart Bush created an interest in Florida education policy.For that reason, Jon Meacham s DESTINY AND POWER is a welcome read despite the his often hagiographic tone On the foreign policy front, George H W Bush looms particularly large his administration did the lion s share of work on NAFTA helped to secure the unification of Germany within NATO and led the country and a coalition of nations to war against Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait A generation on, it seems as if America is still living out the implications of these decisions On the domestic policy front the 1990 budget agreement and the Americans with Disabilities Act both seem like substantial accomplishments To my mind, Bush is a important president than his immediate predecessor.Meacham tells the story of Bush s presidency ably and briskly, I ve been wanting to read a Jon Meacham book for a while I chose George H W Bush out of curiosity for the one term president with the huge glasses stuck between Reagan and Clinton I enjoyed Meachum s highly readable prose and interesting use of quotes from Bush s personal papers The book took several years to write and the author had a privileged access to the 41st president I found the era between 1966 to 1980 to be the most interesting part of his life from his first term in congress to his second political life on the Reagan ticket Bush was a real risks taker who never shrank from complicated challenges I especially enjoyed the details about the relationships with his bosses and foes Nixon, Ford, Carter, Perot, Buchanan, Reagan, Gingrich, Clinton, Dukakis Only downside no punches pulled at all in this book I would not des Great biography The tension was sometimes so palpable I forgot I already knew how it all turned out As for the man himself, few would disagree about his honor and integrity Obama calls him one of our most underrated presidents It doesn t surprise me that he lost his reelection attempt It s not easy to govern with pragmatism and expect undying support from the extreme wing of your political party I Sometimes you shape events by not making any mistakes Destiny Power was an unexpected read for me I enjoy biographies and Jon Meacham has written a few that are on my to read list This was the first I picked up I will be picking up the others I was only 10 years old when Bush was elected president, so although I do have memories of his presidency the consequence of the times I was living through were lost on me.First off, the text flows well, and is simply written Its narrative pace does a nice job of mostly keeping you in the world of George Herbert Walker Bush Too often biographies pull you in the author s element rather than the subjects This text avoids that trap.The book details the life of the 41st president of the United Sates in a deft manner and there were some unexpectedly very tender moments The death of Bush s daughter Robin from leukemia and a section where the text details a bout of depression that Barbara Bush suffered from a few years later are among some of the text s very human, and thus powerful, moments.Another decently written section deals with the 1980 Republican Convention and Ronald Reagan making up his mind about the choice for his running mate between former president Gerald Ford and Bush Of course, I was onl With the rollout of Pulitzer Prize winning biographer Jon Meacham s new book DESTINY AND POWER THE AMERICAN ODYSSEY OF GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH what emerged in the media was the elder Bush s criticisms of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney s poor service in the administration of his son Many pundits have questioned the senior Bush s judgement since another son, Jeb is in the midst of his own presidential campaign Whatever motivated the senior Bush it has created a great deal of buzz around Meacham s latest biography After successful histories of Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and the relationship between Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt, Meacham s latest effort is not quite on the level of his previous work In Meacham s defense it is difficult to write a critical biography of a subject that is still alive, and as time has separated him from his presidency he has become popular than ever George H.W Bush was a lifetime Republican who served in Congress, the head of the Republican National Committee, held a number of important jobs in the Nixon and Ford administrations, and later served as Ronald Reagan s Vice President Always a loyal party man he never could quite gain the confidence of the conservati

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Jon Meacham is the editor of Newsweek, a Pulitzer Prize winning bestselling author and a commentator on politics, history, and religious faith in America.

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