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Midnight Secrets ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is 6 in a series and it is my first book to read in that series Even though several characters make appearance here, the story is not built around that and they play a pure supporting role here I feel no loss for having not read the previous books and that is a very good thing I find the underlying topic of a second 9 11 event and the take over of the United States economy fascinating and timely The book is a great romantic suspense with a hot romance and plenty of suspense.Isabel survived an attack that wiped out her entire family, think of the Kennedy family as a great example Her father was announcing his candidacy for President when it happened Over a thousand people died Isabel survived She moved to Portland and changed her name and tried to recover, without much success until Joe Joe is a former SEAL who almost lost his life and has a lot of recovering to do hi I m afraid LMR s writing doesn t do it for me any Too much internal dialog and too many pages dedicated to the bad guys POV, which wasn t particularly different from what I ve read and loved in her previous books, but somehow I couldn t care less for them in this book Go figure. EPUB Midnight Secrets By Lisa Marie Rice Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Former Navy SEAL Joe Harris Nearly Died Twice On A Medevac Helo After Being Blown Up By An IED He S Not Moving Too Great These Days, But If There Was Ever A Woman Designed To Jump Start A Man S Hormones, It Would Be His New Neighbor.Meeting Isabel Loving Isabel Brought Joe Back To Life.Isabel Delvaux Came From One Of America S Foremost Political Dynasties, Until The Greatest Terrorist Attack Since 9 11 Killed Her Entire Family She Barely Survived The Washington Massacre, Only To Become Prey For Rabid Reporters Fleeing To Portland And Changing Her Name Was A Way Out, A Way To Start Over The Only Way.She Knows She S Safe With Joe Harris Not Just Because He S Big And Strong, Not Just Because He S Part Of A Security Team That Obliterates Threats On The Regular, But Because He S Been To The Abyss And Back.But As They Help Each Other Heal Through Talk, Through Touch, Through Spectacular Sex The Past Comes Back To Play When Isabel S Memory Starts To Return And A Mysterious Stranger Sends Joe Emails Indicating Isabel Is In Imminent Danger, He Ll Do Anything To Help Her Uncover The Truth Even If That Truth Is The Most Terrifying Thing Of All.80,000 Words The third book in Lisa Marie Rice s Men of Midnight series Joe Harris is recuperating from his injuries sustained while he was a Navy SEAL He has a neighbor that appears to be recuperating herself and he can t help but have those alpha man protective feelings for her Isabel Lawton Delvaux can t remember the day that her entire family was taken away from her but she lives with nightmares nevertheless She finds comfort in cooking and finds pleasure in offering her creations to her neighbor, Joe.I love this series The first three books in the series were great and I liked the ones that followed but I did feel that the stories paled slightly to the original three I wondered if maybe LMR might be slowly losing her magic touch Well, after this book I feel that she got the touch back in full I hated I really enjoyed the hot hero in this book Joe Harris will do anything to protect Isabel The hero and heroine both have healing to do and find comfort in each other This was pretty good and I liked the writing of this one. 3.5 or 4 stars for this enjoyable brain candy, set in Portland, Oregon, in winter This series is my guilty secret, despite some problems with plotting and writing style There she goes, Joe Harris thought Isabel Lawton The most beautiful woman in the world, and his next door neighbor And she cooked for him Isabel Lawton, gorgeous mystery One huge question mark And a wounded woman Something bad had happened to her, something she never talked about Of course, she didn t talk about much of anything It s been five years since a former SEAL and an interior designer first escaped into the night fleeing the mafia, in Midnight Man Now, John and Suzanne s little girl is four years old, and John s security company is staffed with former SEALS All those old familiar faces showed up in this new release, along with Nick FBI guy from the prequel, and an incognito mystery man.Helping Joe and Isabel take down a treasonous mass murderer, TEAM MIDNIGHT saves the day All in a day s work It s like reading a Fantastic Five comic book, or James Bond, but with romance And sex About 4 love scenes I would be happy with fewer I like how this author includes all the latest high tech surveillance gadgets and special ops equipment I noticed that in the previous book, too, Midnight Promises, featuring Feli Joe Harris is a former navy SEAL, currently recovering from his last mission which resulted in him getting blown up by an IED and multiple surgeries to fix his leg He is also now part of the ASI which has most of his BUD S friends and is headed by John hero of Midnight Man which is in Portland That is where Joe meets Isabel, a beautiful, damaged recluse Isabel lawton aka Isabel Delvaux the only Delvaux who survived is also recovering from a soul crushing event, the Massacre of her entire family, relatives and end of how her life used to be Isabel ended in coma and has retrograde amnesia with events that put her coma i.e her father s announcement party of him running for US president She moves to Portland, to get a new start and to grief in peace.Now, six months later, Isabel is quite damaged, a person who no longer knows what to do with her life She s still trying to process everything and it doesn t help that she remembers nothing of the massacre I liked Joe and Isabel together , Joe was really great with her and Isabel was trying to be part of the living instead of living like she had d Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Copy received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series 6th in the series Love triangleview spoiler No hide spoiler 4 Midnight Series Loving Stars Former Navy SEAL Joe is recovering from a battle injury and Isabel his pretty, shy neighbor is recovering from a tragic event that has left her completely alone, having nightmares and blocking important information in her subconscious that makes her a terrorist s target Joe knows a broken person when he see s one and his neighbor Isabel is definitely broken Joe strikes up a friendship and keeps an eye on her by repairing things around her house and she makes him home cooked meals as repayment They are attracted to each other but dance around the attraction until Joe receives an email from an anonymous person, all it says is PROTECT ISABEL instinctively Joe goes into very HOT and very Alpha protective mode Joe takes Isabel s personal protection very serious as does Metal, Jacko, Senior and FBI Special Agent Nick Naturally, as with all the books in this series, things quickly heat up with Joe Isabel, thing s get intense and very, very, HOT There s a lot of political suspense and naturally the loathsome villain out for Isabel I love that LMR always includes characters from the previous books into her current books, we get some Metal Felicity, Jacko Lauren, Senior, FBI Agent Nick, and Suzanne.This book has everything you would expect from this series, HOT Alphas protecting their women, finding love, sizzling sex, and getting their HEA All in all Nothing new to report here LMR wisely sticks to what she does best a super protective alpha hero comes to the rescue of a seemingly frail and beautiful heroine who somehow finds an inner strength to save herself from the evil that is stalking her Yep, that s what Midnight Secrets is all about It may sound familiar, since LMR has done this plot over and over with a few variations, but I don t care it works for me Joe has a hairy chestanother LMR specialtyThe alpha hero here is former Navy SEAL Joe Harris, who nearly died after being blown up by an IED I m figuring Joe is in his early 30s, and while not exactly at his fighting weight yet of 210, I m guessing he s pretty easy on the eyes All we know from the kind of vague description is that he s rather lean, yet has big shoulders and incredible hands a LMR obsession , and has dark hair and eyes Anyway, Joe s been rehabbing with friend Metal O Brien Midnight Promises for the past few months, waiting for the doctor s ok to start his new job with John Huntington s Midnight Man Portland, Oregon security company Joe s next door waif like neighbor is a woman who s cau

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Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age She is tall and willowy and beautiful Men drop at her feet like ripe pears She has won every major book prize in the world She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature She is a concert pianist Did I mention her Nobel Prize Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists

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