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A Stranger's Touch Tempest, Claire, And Leona Triplets Blessed Or Cursed With A Special Extra Sense They Would Each Deny, Given The ChanceTempest Was Born With The Uncanny Ability To Learn Everything About An Object Or Even A Person Just By The Touch Of Her Naked Hands But She Knows This Gift Comes At A Price, So She Protects Herself By Keeping Those She Loves At A Distance, But When A Sinister Enemy Threatens All That She Holds Dear, Tempest Is Forced To Reach Out To Marcus Greystone, Who She Once Touched Willingly And With Passionate AbandonMarcus Has Never Forgotten The Sensuous Night He And Tempest Shared Before She Left His Bed Without A Word Now That She Needs His Help, Marcus Isn T Letting Her Go Easily It S His Chance To Show Tempest That His Touch Can Also Electrify But A Gathering Storm Of Violence Is Following Tempest, And A Killer Waits To Get His Hands On Her

About the Author: Cait London

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    My rating islike a 3.5 or 3.75 I enjoyed the story line which is the second book of a continuing puzzle begun in the book At The Edge May07 The series will complete in Sep 08 with the release of For Her Eyes Only.Claire, Tempest, and Leona are

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    I really loved this book I realized after I was reading it that it was the second book in a trilogy, but it was too good and I didn t want to put it down Tempest is a psychic and has the ability to touch an object and learn it s history She s after a

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    I liked the suspense in this series it s not too crazy and the extrasensory Celtic stuff makes it interesting Can t wait to read the next

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    Known as the reckless sister, the heroine has the tendency to leap into every situation head first and without stopping to think things through It s this rash behavior that made her sleep with the hansom but cold hero the night of her art exhibit and leave the nex

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    Tempest Best came back to Marcus Greystone and their one night stand best left forgotten Marcus needs her to find out who killed his parents in a tragic hit and run and find out the reason why Tempest needs a special piece of jewelry that is in Marcus s possession that h

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    3.5 STARS Tempest, Claire, and Leona triplets blessed or cursed with a special extra sense they would each deny, given the chance .Tempest was born with the uncanny ability to learn everything about an object or even a person just by the touch of her naked hands But she knows t

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    Tempest is a triplet, like her mother and siblings, she was born with an ability Tempest can just touch an object and will know everything about the person s that last touched it Her mother and sister have been dreaming about a brooch There is evil surrounding them, and the key of wha

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    This book kept me intrigued because I was curious about who the murderer was and the significance of the brooch The romance part left a lot to be desired This would have been better off as solely a sci fi type of read rather a romance I did not feel any connection between Tempest and Marcus

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    The Aisling Bartel triplets are something else all psychic to some degree This is Tempest s story Tempest is searching for a Viking brooch which holds some secret to her families past The brooch is owned by Marcus Greystone, the man she had a one night stand with a year ago The sparks fly between t

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    I like this series, and this book was good too I would have given it four stars except that it felt repetative Not the story necessarily, but the details She wonders about the fog and the water and who what she feels Could it be her father or somethingsinister Every time she has that thought, it s that sa

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