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Walking on Sunshine 2 1 2 stars one or two new ideas in there but the rest of the 52 were predictable. Reading Walking On Sunshine Rachel Kelly Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Compact, Accessible, Life Changing Book, Internationally Bestselling Walking On Sunshine Offers Fifty Two Tips And Tools One For Each Week Of The Year To Increase Your Happiness Year Round And Help You Manage The Mood Altering Pressures Of Everyday Life.In The Form Of Weekly Journal Entries Over The Course Of A Year, Journalist And Mental Health Activist Rachel Kelly Shares The Fifty Two Strategies That Have Helped Her Cope With Depression And Anxiety And Maintain A Calm, Happy Lifestyle There S No Complicated Program Involved, No Overhaul Of Your Current Way Of Life Just Simple Shortcuts To Lighter, Conscious Living Tangible Rituals You Can Use To Care For Your Body And Mind In The Pages Of This Engaging, User Friendly Book, You Ll Find Breathing Techniques, Poetry, Prayer, Philosophical Nuggets, And Meditations, All Of Them Lovely, Gentle Suggestions Designed To Bring Ease And Equanimity Into Your Daily Life.Whether You Re Going Through A Particularly Emotional Time Or You Re Just Trying To Figure Out How To Achieve Balance And Moderate Your Reactions To Conflict, There S Something For Everyone In This Encouraging, Comforting Book Written In The Candid, Conversational Style Of A Good Friend And Accompanied By Delightful Cartoon Illustrations, Walking On Sunshine Is A Portable, Supportive Companion That Will See You Through Your Ups And Downs. Turn control into curiosity Every time I find myself bossing around others, I ask myself why I should not impose my own agenda on those around me and dictate how the world should be run, rather I should receive the world as it is One way to relieve tension is to incorporate a mindful activity into my busy day You can perform your activity whenever you feel frazzled to bring your mind back to the present moment Avoid all screens one hour before bed Embrace the new day Think positive Chose a habit that is embedded into your schedule and then link a new habit to it Find exercise that you enjoy Minutes come one at a time Never in my whole life will I have to deal with than the next sixty seconds at one time Fail better next time Every delay was a chance to be present rather than impatient The simple act of smiling can make you feel happier Unwind Depending on one another can bring us closer together and strengthen the bonds between us Human beings, not human doings Life your hand to your face and press a finger against one side of your nose Then just breathe through the other nostril By halving the rate at which you breathe, your lower your blood pressure and trigger the body s relaxation response and enter a state of deep physical rest I check in with myself to see if I am Hungry, Angry, Lon This was a quick read with lots of simple reminders on how to keep a happy disposition. Walking on Sunshine, by British author Rachel Kelly, is a quick, easy read that is not really intended to be read through all at once In a similar vein to Jon Cousins Nudge Your Way to Happiness, Walking on Sunshine provides bite sized ideas for increasing happiness In this case the happiness prescriptions are delivered one week at a time for one year, instead of one day at a time for one month, as was the case in Cousins book.Kelly organized this book by seasons, beginning with spring, loosely defined as March, April and May Personally, this organizational calendar did not appeal, for two primary reasons The main one stems from one of my own happiness struggles self diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder Just seeing the word Autumn, although less depressing than its alternative, Fall, causes me to feel heaviness in my body In a book intended to promote happiness, that feels counterproductive I recognize that is my own issue, and others may not have the same visceral reaction to the season that I do The second reason that I would prefer a different structure is that it seems somewhat potentially difficult for someone to pick up the book and start at the right week, since the weeks are numbered, but begin wi Written as weekly journal entries over the course of the year, the author shares what has worked for her Fifty two do able tips and ideas categorized by season, on how to be thankful.The author talks about gratitude as a way of life And how making the effort can actually change your entire life, and the lives of those around you This is a look into what works for the author, to get through the everyday ups and downs that life throws at you.I enjoyed the intimate look into her diary and saw similarities between the both of us The author has been through depression and recovered from it, as I have We both believe in making the effort to live happy in spite of it I ve learned through the years, that the little things makes the biggest difference This book illustrates this philosophy so beautifully.If you struggle with mental health issu One great thing about living within walking distance from the public library is that you can pick up any book you fancy I read less of self help or inspirational books in recent times This book Walking on Sunshine 52 Small Steps to Happiness by Rachel Kelly caught my attention It is a handy book with 52 ways to achieve personal happiness as practised by Rachel Kelly It is structured into 52 weeks of four seasons set in UK.What made this title appealing to me was that the author went through a period of depression and therefore I was interested in how she copes with her life to achieve happiness for herself It is intimate and she has the courage to share her journey in this stressful work and family environment we all live in.The coping strategies are ways I could identify with Stay grounded in the present and when the going gets tough, do some breathing exercises, meditate or go for a walk in the park or nature reserve, amongst other ways Get your mind off these stressful situations for a while I heard a recent talk and this was what I gather Human nature is such that we like to take out a past problem into the Present Table and then look at it, study it and dwell into it constantly We can get into a loop without knowing how to extract ourselves out of it We lost the present We need coping strategies We need spouses and close friends to be by our side Favorite passages p 4 Control is closely linked to anxiety I usually try to tell others what to do as a response to feeling insecure myself, and, yes, ironically, out of control And so now every time I find myself bossing around others, I ask myself why I ve found I m typically imposing my own agenda on those around me and dictating how I feel the world should run, rather than receiving the world as it is The much relaxing option may be to stop, breathe, and turn control into curiosity Why, I wonder, do I want others to come and help me tidy up What are my motives The answer is that I m feeling unsettled I want to enforce a sense of order on my surroundings so I feel calmer on the inside p 40 I crave the deep oblivious sleep that Shakespeare called the balm of hurt minds p 62 I ve made so many mistakes, and I ve learned so much, I m thinking of making some p 75 I have a long pattern of seeking acceptance and approval What seems to calm me is to acknowledge that the I accept myself, the less likely I am to crave the praise of others p 102 Perfection is an illusion, but the pursuit of it is real and can have damaging consequences Beware too of perfectionism s close friends an all or nothing approach workaholism fear of failure and being overly sensitive to the judgment of others p 110 For the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who have lived When I pick up a book like this, I hope to learn something new However, the book was just things someone would learn after going to counseling for a few months It would be a good introduction for someone who has never practiced mindfulness or worked on developing good coping skills However, I wouldn t recommend this to anyone with major depression because it was pretty superficial and naive It s for someone who is having a bad week I d hoped it would dig deeper since the author says in the introduction that she has stru I honestly did not get the purpose of this book Or perhaps the issue here is that it says nothing new.Some parts clearly are diary entries slightly adjusted and improved to make chapters out of them.It s a tiny book and most pages are filled with only a drawing, so it is an easy read that can be done in 1 hour or so But I still feel it comes after author s personal diary and should have stayed so.Whereas I liked the idea of giv

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