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Mexican Whiteboy Danny S Tall And Skinny Even Though He S Not Built, His Arms Are Long Enough To Give His Pitch A Power So Fierce Any College Scout Would Sign Him On The Spot Ninety Five Mile An Hour Fastball, But The Boy S Not Even On A Team Every Time He Gets Up On The Mound He Loses ItBut At His Private School, They Don T Expect Much Else From Him Danny S Brown Half Mexican Brown And Growing Up In San Diego That Close To The Border Means Everyone Else Knows Exactly Who He Is Before He Even Opens His Mouth Before They Find Out He Can T Speak Spanish, And Before They Realize His Mom Has Blond Hair And Blue Eyes, They Ve Got Him Pegged But It Works The Other Way Too And Danny S Convinced It S His Whiteness That Sent His Father Back To Mexico That S Why He S Spending The Summer With His Dad S Family Only, To Find Himself, He May Just Have To Face The Demons He Refuses To See The Demons That Are Right In Front Of His Face And Open Up To A Friendship He Never Saw ComingSet In The Alleys And On The Ball Fields Of San Diego County, Mexican Whiteboy Is A Story Of Friendship, Acceptance, And The Struggle To Find Your Identity In A World Of Definitions

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    Mexican Whiteboy is a YA text written by Matt De la Pe a, and I really liked this book a lot and my friend Jenn suggested over my shoulder that I add, for veracity s sake, that he is, based on his picture, cute, which okay, he is, done De la Pe a is the author of picture book Last Stop on Market Street, that was winner of the 2016 Newbery Medal, a 2016 Caldecott Honor Book, and a 2016 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Book C

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    This was the first Matt de la Pe a book that I ve ever read and I am happy to say that ALL of my expectations were met I simply adored every single aspect of this book From the moments of confusion to anger to sadness to happiness to humor I just felt everything I could possibly feel for these characters and the lives they led.Danny was who I thought I would be the most enad with, and while I absolutely loved him and wanted to prot

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    I just completely entirely really enjoyed this book I was excited to read it and sad to put it down I thought the dialogue was pitched perfectly I thought the baseball was pitched perfectly I thought the pitching was pitched perfectly Maybe my favorite thing about this was how even handed it was about everything race, class, baseball, identity, life The little things At no point does it feel like someone accidentally dropped a freshman

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    From the author of _Ball Don t Lie_ comes another excellent book that nails baseball but is about muchDanny is wicked gifted when it comes to baseball he can knock baseballs out of the park, and his pitching maxes out the meter at the local fair even when he was smashed But he couldn t throw anything but wild pitches the tryouts at his prep school, and not even he can understand why His number one theory, though, is that things would be di

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    Pena, M 2008 Mexican white boy New York Delacorte.Mexican White Boy is a multicultural book that portrays the life of a Hispanic American boy named Danny who finds himself trying to figure out his own self identity Amongst white boys he is considered Mexican while among his own family he feels white because he can barely speak in Spanish In the story Danny leans towards his passion for baseball as a way to help him escape the barrio neighborho

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    pooled ink Reviews Mexican Whiteboy is a gripping story about finding oneself, baseball, and friendship Moments will make you laugh, make your heart ache, make you sit on the edge of your seat with your eyes glued to that fastball, and make you stop and think as it delves into themes deeper than you might ve been prepared to go Captivating and emotional it opens the door to a conversation so many of us secretly wrestle with but hardly anyone ever

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    Mexican Whiteboy by Matt de la Pena is about two boys named Uno and Danny, the book focuses on their friendship and baseball To be honest I did not like the book very much, I started reading it and had no interest in it But as I got further into the book it did get a bit better I feel that it was a hard story to follow and the baseball parts were a little bit too detailed I would recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball.

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    In Mexican WhiteBoy, Matt de la Pe a tells the story of Danny Lopez, a half Mexican half White 16 year old with a crazy fastball, but lacking the confidence to show his skills At the start of the summer, Danny s mom and sister have gone to live with his mom s new boyfriend in his fancy condo in San Francisco, but Danny chooses to stay at his uncle and aunt s place in National City, CA a place where his polo shirts, cargo shorts, and slip on Vans don t qui

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    This sat on my bookshelf for several months until I picked it up earlier this week Do I not like orange dustjackets Was I unconsciously wary of there being too many baseball related plot points I don t know I m just sorry it took me so long to read it I enjoyed getting to know the characters, loved the economy of the language, and even thought the baseball stuff was totally and completely interesting I liked how De la Pe a drops the reader into the middle of

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    I honestly can t put into words just how much I liked and connected with this novel It s a very well written, engaging story about identity and what it means to be half something in America The main character, Danny, is a 17 year old half Mexican, half white aspiring baseball player who spends the summer with his dad s side of the family, trying to figure out who he is But the story isn t just about Danny It s way deeper than just one single storyline Danny becom

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About the Author: Matt de la Pena

Matt de la Pe a is the New York Times best selling, Newbery medal winning author of six young adult novels and four picture books Matt received his MFA in creative writing from San Diego State University and his BA from the University of the Pacific, where he attended school on a full athletic scholarship for basketball de la Pe a currently lives in Brooklyn, NY He teaches creative writing and visits high schools and colleges throughout the country.Visit Matt at mattdelapena.com