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A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?! Download A Girl Corrupted By The Internet Is The Summoned Hero Author Eliezer Yudkowsky Varanus.us My Family Name Is Yugano My Given Name Is Yuuki I Have No Redeeming Qualities So Begins This Light Novel Of A Girl Corrupted By The Internet, And Then Summoned To Another World She S Jaded From Having Already Read Many Stories Like That But Will That Prepare Her For What Awaits In This World Of Course Not But She S Going To Plunge Ahead Anyway, And Not Slow Down For Anything Eliezer Yudkowsky Is The Author Of Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality And Rationality From AI To Zombies He Is A Decision Theorist Specializing In Self Reference And Reflection, A Fact Which Unstoppably Infects His Writing No Matter How Frivolous.

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    The intersection of decision theory and sexual depravity is not my usual go to place for light reading, but in this case the combination works beautifully.Although the book is woefully short, the author has managed to set up a rational hard fantasy premise that successfully thrusts the reader from beginning

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    Japanese light novel style apparently means a very informal first person present tense narration Also, reading the authorial foreword, hero summoned to another world is a genre now.This was charming, funny, and very silly.I think ...

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    I would not recommend this book unless you arecomfortable with some of the less than safe for work parts of the internet If you aren t then you re missing out on this fun, cleverly written little story Crafted in such a way to have the reader laugh and think in equal measure The sloppy, first person narration compliments Yudkow

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    Very good funny, clever and original Not Yudkowsky s best, but would give 4.5 if we were permitted half stars.

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    As in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Eliezer Yudkowsky takes a fantasy world and lets the characters really test the tropes.The laws of fantasy often seem less like natural laws andlike human rules constructed to drive the plot Which, I suppose, is exactly what they are Yudkowsky lets his characters push back by complying with the le

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    Even if the race of Earth can t win at anything else, we won t lose at degenerate pornography Yugano Yuuki is a girl that has sunken to the greatest depths of depravity that only the Internet can provide When the holy white mages of another world cry out for a pure unsullied hero to save their world from evil, they get waythan they bargained for Now, Yuuki

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    Eliezer Yudkowsky, what are you doing I get enough strange looks when I say that my favourite book is a Harry Potter fanfic, now I ll have to explain why I liked a book about a girl who likes porn a lot A good illustration of why the genre doesn t matter, but the content does Before I ve read this, I had no idea that there was the whole summoned hero genre, but the c

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    I m not familiar at all with the genre Japanese light novel , even less the subgenre hero summoned into another world , but this book is written as one of those apparently It s also a rational fic a genre I mfamiliar with.If Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is the fictional mirror of Rationality From AI to Zombies, then this fictio...

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    I remember reading this I really liked it I was amused

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    Not exactly Great Literature That Gives A Deep Insight To The Secrets of the Human Condition, but regardless quite entertaining.

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