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Reunion PDF Epub Reunion By Fred Uhlman Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Reunion Is A Little Known Novel But It Is Also A Universal Story Of Friendship It Is A Book Of Great Power, Waiting To Be Discovered On A Grey Afternoon In 1932, A Stuttgart Classroom Is Stirred By The Arrival Of A Newcomer Middle Class Hans Is Intrigued By The Aristocratic New Boy, Konradin, And Before Long They Become Best Friends It S A Friendship Of The Greatest Kind, Of Shared Interests And Long Conversations, Of Hikes In The German Hills And Growing Up Together But The Boys Live In A Changing Germany Powerful, Delicate And Daring, Reunion Is A Story Of The Fragility, And Strength, Of The Bonds Between Friends WITH AN AFTERWORD BY RACHEL SEIFFERT . . . Merged review. In 1932, Hans Schwarz, son of a Stuttgart doctor and descendant of a long line of rabbis met a life changing friend Twenty five years later, Hans described his friendship with Count Konradin von Hohenfels, the source of my greatest happiness and of my greatest despair Konradin, a new student at Karl Alexander Gymnasium in Stuttgart had a self assured bearing and an aristocratic air The Hohenfels were part of our historyonly a foot or two away, sat a member of this illustrious familyeverything about him aroused my curiosity.Hans and Konradin were both quiet by nature and were not friended by the other students Hans wondered how to engage Konradin The opportunity arose when Hans brought some of his coin collection to school While Konradin was welcomed at Hans s house and frequented it several times weekly, invites to Konradin s house were only extended when his parents were away A framed photo of Hitler was displayed on a bedroom dresser.As Germany barrelled toward war, the friendship of two sixteen year old boys was doomed Konradin s mother felt Jews didn t exist for her people, they were lower than the serfs The Schwarz family, however, had lived in Stuttgart for at least two hundred years Hans s father said, I am an assimilantI want to be identifie PUBLISHER S SYNOPSIS On a grey afternoon in 1932, a Stuttgart classroom is stirred by the arrival of a newcomer Middle class Hans is intrigued by the aristocratic new boy, Konradin, and before long they become best friends It s a friendship of the greatest kind, of shared interests and long conversations, of hikes in the German hills and growing up together But the boys live in a changing GermanyReunionis a story of the fragility, and strength, of the bonds between friends PENGUIN MY REVIEW Upon finishing Fred Uhlman s Reunion there emanated a sense of dalliance, the conclusion of an ephemeral love affair with bourgeois Hans and the aristocratic Konradin In this beautifully crafted story derives a panoply of markers concomitant with literary virtuosity prose akin to gossamer, the finest and most delicate silk characterisation imbued with a yearning for amity, friendship the evanescent and beleaguered casualty of Jewish persecution and narrative that not only evokes the mellifluousness of companionship but the horrific suffering endured under Nazi Germany Sempiternal amongst the plethora of historical and classic fiction, Uhl It takes an hour and a half to read this little pearl Highly recommended At any age.I was enchanted by Uhlman s writing, his descriptions of landscapes and feelings I felt sucked into the story and I saw the events in front of my eyes, as real.Ps I think the last sentence is one of the most powerful of meaning in the books I read this year Basta un ora e mezza per leggere questa piccola perla Consigliatissima A qualsiasi et.Sono rimasta in I read this book yesterday while I was in the hospital, during my prep wait before surgery under a blow up blanket with toasty warm air wearing those cute hospital socks and a hospital gown This is such a tiny thin attractive sweet looking book vintage 74 pages, 80 when including the Afterword it fit inside my mini shoulder crossbody bag The Reunion was published in 1971 A timeless powerful remembering back story between two 16 year old boys one Jewish the other Christian during the rise of Nazism in the 1930 s..the setting being pre war Germany There is something permanently life shaping about a one on one special teenage friendship I ve experienced it myself.Character Hans Schwartz says that when Konradin von Hohenfel came into his life at age 16, This Boy was to be my greatest source of happiness and my greatest despair A few weeks ago I read another powerful longer book The Air You Breathe , by Frances de Pontes Peebles, about a life long friendship between two women There was an excerpt in that novel universal experientially felt that feels appropriate to share in relation to this novella too When we are young, we give ourselves completely We allow our first friends or lovers or first songs inside us, to become a part of our unformed being, without ever thinking of the consequences, or the permanence within us The Reunion is narrated by middle aged Hans twenty five years after having lost contact with Ko Reunion is just about the perfect novella In merely 74 pages, Fred Uhlman captured the blossoming of an adolescent friendship, the end of childhood, and the darkness cast by political and social realities of life in Stuggart, Germany, just before Hitler s rise to power Looking back thirty years, the narrator, Hans Schwarz, son of a Jewish doctor, recalls how at age sixteen he had sought the friendship of Konradin Graf von Hohenfels, a distinguished young count from an illustrious and powerful German family Of their first meeting on a grey, dark, winter s day in a grammar school, Hans says,He came into my life in February 1932 and never left it again. These words take on greater poignancy when considered in light of the devastating changes that are to follow For Hans,this boy was to be the source of my greatest happiness and greatest despair In his precise and tender prose, Ulhman gave utterance to the beauty of friendship as it unfolds for these two boys, each lonely in his own way It calls touchingly to mind that phase in adolescence when the need to belong and find acceptance is most pronounced and youths are given to romantic ideals of friendship that demandcomplete trust, loyalty and self sacrificeIt is wonderful to share the joys of a young friendship But the winds are changing as Hitler s influence

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