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好色五人女 [Kōshoku gonin onna] It amuses me that deBary, the post War apostle of Confucian Studies in the West, began his career translating the quintessential Genroku era pleasure quarters writer. I enjoyed these fascinating 17th century stories of young women who dangerously violate Japanese feudal law in pursuit of love and sex. Five Charming Novellas Which Have Astonishing Freshness, Color, And Warmth The New YorkerFirst Published In 1686, This Collection Of Five Novellas Was An Immediate Bestseller In The Bawdy World That Was Genroku Japan, And The Book S Popularity Has Increased With Age, Making It Today A Literary Classic Like Boccaccio S Decameron, Or The Works Of Rabelais The Book Follows Five Determined Women In Their Always Amorous, Erotic And Usually Illicit Adventures The Five Heroines Are Onatsu, Already Wise In The Ways Of Love The Tender Age Of Sixteen Osen, A Faithful Wife Until Unjustly Accused Of Adultery Osan, A Kyoto Beauty Who Falls Asleep In The Wrong Bed Oshichi, Willing To Burn Down A City To Meet Her Samurai Lover And Oman, Who Has To Compete With Handsome Boys To Win Her Lover S Affections.But The Book Is Than A Collection Of Skillfully Told Erotic Tales, For Saikaku Could Not Delve Into The Inmost Secrets Of Human Life Only To Expose Them To Ridicule Or Snickering Prurience Obviously Fascinated By The Variety And Complexity Of Human Love, But Always Retaining A Sense Of Its Intrinsic Dignity He Is Both A Discriminating And Compassionate Judge Of His Fellow Man Saikaku S Style, As Allusive As It Is Witty, As Abbreviated As It Is Penetrating, Is A Challenge That Few Translators Have Dared To Face, And Certainly Never Before With The Success Here Achieved In A Translation That Recaptures The Heady Flavor Of The Original. First two stories left little to no impression But the three last ones are the ones who deserved the stars And beside the simple and yet fun short little stories, there s lots of interesting facts about those days Japan, culture, religion, traditions. No Empire of the Senses A delicate narrative that insunuates passion and mystery in a civilization long gone Good books survive tempests even censorship. Una stella in pi anche solo per la splendida edizione curata dalla Adelphi, note dettagliatissime ed interessanti, prefazione davvero esaustiva complimenti a Gian Carlo Calza e per la traduzione, bellissima a cutra di Lydia Origlia. 1.5 stars.I couldn t finish this book, but I was almost halfway through I have never seen writing so disorganized in myself The individual sentences are written just fine, but the separate sentences don t connect I couldn t make any sense of the stories, but they were very original In one story What a strange little book this one was Perhaps the transalation from Japanese to English was trickybut it was hard to follow any kind of plot in these stories Once I gave up on making any sense of them I enjoyed their bizzare quirkyness. this book was honestly so strange. Kitap 5 hik yeden olu uyor Hepsi de imk ns z a k ve sonlar iyi bitmeyen hik yeler Sadece 5 ve son hik ye istisnai eyler i eriyor Her hik ye yakla k 20 sayfa oldu u i in kurgulamada eksik eyler var Klasik imk ns z a k kurgular , hik yeler i in pek fazla diyecek bir ey yok asl nda Kitab n T rk e hali de nazaran eski say l r say lmas na Ama ben hayat mda bu kadar k t bir eviri g rmedim Yani ittire kakt ra sonunu g rd m desem yeridir Her hik yede neredeyse 20 ye yak n not var ama ronin kelimesi efendisiz valye diye evrilirken baz lar n n notla a klanmas filan, hi belli bir tarz benimsenmemi kitapta ngilizceden evrildi ini

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