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Getting Granny's Glasses Reading Getting Granny S Glasses Author Ruskin Bond Pccare247.us Mani S Granny Is Seventy And Can Barely See Through Her Old, Scratched Glasses With Only A Hundred And Fifty Rupees In Their Pockets And A Thirst For Adventure, Mani And Granny Set Off To Buy A New Pair On The Way, They Get Drenched In The Rain, Run Into Mules And Encounter A Terrible Landslide Will Granny Ever Be Able To Reach The Town And Get Herself A New Pair Of Glasses A simple, heartwarming story It s beauty lies in it s simplicity. A good read for children One of Ruskin Bond s simple tales set in a village near Mussoorie Mani and his grandmother maternal , take a long trip to Mussorie, overcoming few obstacles His grandmother though very old, is enthusiastic and hardy than Mani, as she is able to take a long and arduous hike about and around the mountain when the bus which was taking them to Mussoorie, is no longer able to go forward because of a landslide The visit to the doctor is successful and granny gets a new pair of glasses and she can see things clearly She sees that her grandson I know I may not be the appropriate person to read this book But I did not have access to Ruskin Bond s books when I was growing up And now when I do, I thought I should not pass up this opportunity I bought this book as a gift for my niece and ended up reading it myself After all, if adults can read YA books, why not children s books The book is Bond at its best detailed, visual descriptions of life in the hills relationships Additionally, the book has some g What a simple, beautiful, little story.If you have ever been to the Himalayas,then you relive all your mountain memories,after reading this book Your memories become so clear,the description of the mountains by Ruskin Bond is so good.And every story by him teaches I enjoyed reading the whole book It reminded me of the past travelling with my grandmother in a bus, while reading this book In my imagination, the happiness of granny seeing her grandson clearly after many years was good It s great because Mani was raised by granny since his mother died when he was one It is a simple story but made me realize to be grateful for having a better vision than most people who are visually impaired It also made me not to give up The book entails the intriguing journey of a grandmother along with the grandson in the backdrop of Mussorie The journey of the duo is with obstacles but entertaining Illustrator Sayantan Haldar has made it colourful by his illustrations making it fun to read for the children the narration of the story is simple but still connects to the characters The affection between the maternal grandmohter and This is an amazing short story for children loved reading it as an adult though DLoved it it s a sweet story n recommend it to all children to readsure they will love it Every summer we migrate north, like a tiny little flock of birds We pack our bags with our baggiest pants, flimsiest cottons, a bottle of sunscreen, a tube of Odomos, our laptops, and a couple of light summer reads We landed at the Delhi airport, greeted by my loving in laws Our first couple of days were spent laughing over lunches and dinners, and vegetating in my father in law s TV room When we got bored, we retired to our room to pull out our books and catch up with all the lost reading time And so, on the very first night, as Little P nestled into the gap between his Dadaji s back and the bed and listened to his bedtime story, Big P and I pulled out our books, switched on the AC, gave each other a grateful, happy grin and spread ourselves out on our bed ready to sink into our fictional worlds Except, I had chosen wrong A book about the nature of my soul wasn t exactly what this moment needed I was dissatisfied and after a while of tossing and turning and then trying to irritate Big P, I looked at a pile of books my niece had left from her last visit here This is how I came across a shiny new Ruskin Bond According to the blurb on the top of the book His stories are an essential part of any Indian childhood And yet, somehow I seemed to have grown up without this essential childhood experience In my late teens I did read The Room on The Good

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Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children s authors and a top novelist.He wrote his first novel, The Room on the Roof, when he was seventeen which won John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957 Since then he has written several novellas, over 500 short stories, as well as various essays and poems, all of which have establi

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