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Things That Never Happen Like All Good Literature, Harrison S Stories Are Worth Reading Again And Again The You Read, The You Understand Iain M BanksOver The Last Thirty Years, M John Harrison Has Been Inspiring Readers And Writers Alike Across The World His Return To Science Fiction In With The Magnificent Space Opera LIGHT Was A Monumental Triumph, Shortlisted For Every Major Award In The Genre He Combines Brilliant Storytelling With Complex Plots And Evocative, Mesmerising WritingINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN Is M John Harrison S Definitive Collection Of Short Fiction, Twenty Four Dazzling Stories Of Science Fiction And Fantasy The Perfect Introduction To One Of Britain S Most Brilliant WritersContents Settling The World Running Down The Incalling The Ice Monkey Egnaro Old Women The New Rays The Quarry A Young Man S Journey To London Small Heirlooms The Great God Pan The Gift The Horse Of Iron And How We Can Know It And Be Changed By It Forever Gifco Anima Isobel Avens Returns To Stepney In The Spring Empty Seven Guesses Of The Heart I Did It The East Suicide Coast The Neon Heart Murders Black Houses Science The Arts

About the Author: M. John Harrison

aka Gabriel King with Jane Johnson Michael John Harrison was born in Rugby, Warwickshire in 1945 and now lives in London.Harrison is stylistically an Imagist and his early work relies heavily on the use of strange juxtapositions characteristic of absurdism.

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    A member of a science fiction fantasy discussion group suggested this book to me Two stories I consider outstanding Eganro I mentioned this story before on goodreads The narrator observes his employer descend into delusion due to the influence of a book Running Down In this story, the narrator observes a man who causes an increase of entropy around him things break down, he

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    Kitchen sink gothic horror magical surrealism but very Englishonly Ligotti and Borges are worthwhile comparisons for these beautiful tales..also of note this is some of the best prose being written anywheres

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    A stunning collection of short stories, gathered from 1975 1999 These are character driven stories, with elements of science fiction or fantasy positioned evocatively in the background Harrison is a realist with elegant and precise prose His main focus is on the minutiae of reality, the interplay of alienated characters, the ties that bind them, atmospheres, moods, the subtle play of light

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    Poetic writer who can t quite be called lyrical like all nerves are open in description and narration Bleak ish but not bleak because the fiction is so lush in a sensory way New discovery for me, and wondering why I didn t run into his work before another sudden find amongst the library stacks.

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    This is the book that made me love the short story form M John Harrison is brilliant.

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    Things That Never Happen It s an apt title for a collection of strange, disturbing, thought provoking stories Harrison has long been a favourite author of mine and half of this collection I d read years ago when it was published as The Ice Monkey That book is here collected with a later collection Travel Arrangements and so we have a set of stories ranging from 1975 right up to 2000.Harrison s development as a wr

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    Wow, this was not for me Fine writing, yes But that s about it.

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    Van Vogt, a much celebrated and disputed master of Golden Age SF, wrote a huge body of short stories, many of which have been scaled into novels He called these fixups The stories found in Things that Never Happen, or at least snippets of them have eventually found their way into novels like Climbers, Light, The Course of the Heart, Nova Swing, and even his latest publication, Empty Space which seems to me to be a nexus of his w

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    M John Harrison s style is somewhat pretentious, but I adore his words Things That Never Happen is a collection of short stories which have been published elsewhere throughout his career As such, they are arranged in chronological order, and tend to getinteresting andsophisticated as the book goes on.It reads well as a coherent body, though, especially since many of the stories share themes, events, phrases with each other, as well as r

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    Slightly opaque stories that both demand and reward multiple readings like Harrison s Viriconium stories and novels the tales collected here seem to trace their ways around the edges of the lives and events they depict A Viriconium story actually appears in this collection, in a modified Non Viriconium form A Young Man s Journey to London is essentially A Young Man s Journey to Viriconium probably adapted for mainstream non sf fantasy publicati

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