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It s really a shame that these books are classified as Romance, because I feel they would appeal to a much larger audience were they not Cheryl Wilson has crafted a marvelous fantasy world complete with all the elements including a language for her Fey Her characters are complex and her pacing is some of the best I ve seen Yes, there are romantic elements, but they are not gratuitous at all and add to the complexity of her story I found myself many a night staying up to read far later than I should have because I just couldn t put it away My only complaint is Book 3 ends on such a cliff hanger I will surely perish waiting until June to get the next installment Like that is a complaint, ha ha ha If you have shied away from this series because of the classification, don t Lord of the Fading Lands, Lady of Light and Shadow, King of Sword and Sky and Queen of Song and Souls belong in Fantasy Realm Royalty.Beylah vo, Cheryl Ve sha kem tani Kem san Kem reisa You are my mate My Heart My soul With hands and words and lips and teeth, he claimed her, declaring possession, marking her with his touch, his kiss, his breath, the scent of his skin rubbing her with hot friction, singing to her soul. Rain and Ellysetta have left Celieria, knowing that their enemy is going to attack soon Ellie is sad to be leaving her family and the only life she has ever known Ellie knows her destiny is to save the Fey, even though she has no idea how she will be able to do it Rain, as the Fey King, knows that he must do everything to save his people When they arrive to the Fading Lands, Rain is determined to show Ellie how to access her magic Rain begins to show Ellysetta the Fading Lands, the Tairen who accept her, in ways than they ever excepted his first wife At first the trust between the Fey and Ellie are shady at best, they don t know what to make of her They respect her because of her bond to Rain, but they don t trust the dark magic that is stamped on Ellyetta, though she is innocent When it becomes clear that the kits of the Tairen are dying, Ellie and Rain start working on discovering the reason why Ellysetta s power starts to become even pronounced before, and Ellie starts to discover about herself and her abilities She desires to refine them, so she will be able to help the Tairen and the Fey To prove that she only wants to save them from the dark magic that threatens everything they hold dear.King of Sword and Sky is the third installment in the Tairen Soul series I have heard of this author for years, but not until recently did I decide to try it out The first two books I just fell in love with instantly King of Sword and Sky goes alot into depth, and there is quite a bit that happens in the story As it begins you see how the difficulty that Ellie has even from first entering the Fading Lands Even though she has a Dark Mage marker stamped on her, Ellie has power than anyone knows With the protection of the Fading Lands, Ellie and Rain start to train and search for a way to save both the Tairen and the Fey The story is pretty complex in this one, and I don t want to reveal too much for those that haven t had a chance to read this one yet The plot has many twists and turns that only hold the reader enthralled through the whole story As you go through the story, you see that the focus is on Ellie, and how she works on refining her abilities so she can save the Kitlings of the Tairen who keep dying The relationship between Rain and Ellie becomes ever stronger than ever before The faith that Rain has in Ellie is precious, and how protective he is of her, despite how his people distrust her Certain truths are revealed from the eye of Truth, that makes the relationship between Rain and his people even less trustworthy than before But with a battle up ahead soon, Rain and his people will need to work together to defeat a enemy that only desires to destroy everything.Rain and Ellysetta are charming characters, and I couldn t help but love them even The bond they have is strengthened even in this story than the first two books There is quite a bit that goes on, that the challenges and the multiple conflicts that Rain and Ellie are faced with only bring them even closer Rain becomes Alpha Male pronounced in this book Way protective and possessive than you see in previous books I enjoyed how he handles the situations they are put in There is quite a bit of intensity at times, and Ellie for the most part, just accepts it Ellysetta, I enjoyed seeing this heroine face the conflict even than Rain She has much against her at times, and she has this inner strength that I admired from the beginning She tends to handle everything with grace and patience.Overall I really enjoyed how well everything is put together, and the way the plot proceeds A exciting and enticing story of a world where good and evil battle A dazzling and emotionally woven tale of love, destiny, and passion POWERFUL It s all in the timingI made the mistake of waiting nearly a year between instalments I spent a quarter of the story trying to remember what the heck had happened beforehand and who was who I felt like I was bombarded with information and each character, language, relationship and magic, all puzzle pieces needing to be put together I was listening instead of reading this story, so any distraction and I was having to rewind in case I missed something important By the end, I just didn t care and hoped I d catch up.I know I would have enjoyed King of Sword and Sky a lot if I had read it and I would have appreciated the narration if it was a re read In normal circumstances, listening to a paranormal fantasy like this would have been my happy place Unfortunately, life is busy at the moment and I couldn t sink into this escape from reality and absorb all of its magical, romantic goodness Any time I had to stop, I wasn t desperate to get back to it and I even contemplated giving up a couple of times It was just not the right time and I m kicking myself for ruining the experience.It wasn t all bad and I m not writing off the Tairen Soul series but I definitely learnt my lesson and will pick a better time to start Queen of Song and Souls. Only One Enemy Could Destroy Them C L Wilson s exquisitely written romantic fantasy debut will dazzle readers with its richly imaginative story Chicago Tribune on Lord of the Fading Lands Only One Love Could Unite Them Wilson jumps back into her tale without skipping a beat, expanding her world with finesse while boldly taking her story in entirely unexpected directions Publishers Weekly on Lady of Light and ShadowsOnly Together Could They Lead Their People To Victory The magical tairen were dying, and none but the Fey King s bride could save them Rain had defied the nobles of Celieria to claim her, battled demons and Elden mages to wed her Now, he would risk everything to protect his kingdom, help his truemate embrace her magic and forge the unbreakable bond that alone could save her soul Coming September 30 from Leisure Books Go to www.clwilson.com to read an excerpt. One Passion Could Unite Them.One Enemy Could Destroy Them.Rain, The Proud And Haunted Fey King, Risked Everything To Follow His Heart And His Destiny To Ellysetta His Truemate, His Love, The Woodcarver S Daughter Who Possessed Miraculous Gifts She Did Not Understand He Defied The Nobles Of Celieria To Claim Her, Battled Demons And Elden Mages To Wed Her And Now He Must Protect Her And His Imperiled Kingdom With Magic, Steel, And Scorching Flame For His Soul Kin, The Magical Tairen, Are Dying, And Only The Fey King S Bride Can Save Them If Rain Can Help His Beloved Embrace The Magic Within Her And Forge The Unbreakable Bond Of Passion And Power Necessary To Save Her Soul. 2nd read 25 26 January 2016Buddy read with Final rating 5 5 starsIt seems to me when the ways of the past lead only to death, then change is the only hope for lifeThis series keeps surprising me I did not expect so many things of vital significance to be revealed in this book It was just great I do not have any regrets picking this series up and my friend knows just what kind of books i love, so i thank her for recommending me this it might even become one of my favorite series This time there were greatly written battles, lots of magic, information on the Fey world, and especially, plot twists I certainly did not expect Although, once again, it started out a bit slow, but later on it picked up the pace When i was around the half of the book I couldn t wait to find out what happened basically, I could not stop readingCHARACTERS WARNINGthis section might contain a slight spoilers for this book While i had hidden serious spoilers under the spoiler tags, if you don t like to spoil yourself, just skip this section of my review If you like slight spoilers, then you can proceed DRain Tairen Soul Ellysetta BaristaniThis time I will write about the two of them together Ellie and Rain are still smoothing over their relationship Making sure Ellie s family is safe in Teleon, they travel to the Fading Lands and through the Myst This however, is not an easy task Ellie is marked by an Eld Mage But, there is nothing important than saving the Tairen kitlings who have yet to be born Rain is back in his own Kingdom, and even though many follow him and respect his decisions, the ones who stayed behind do not share the same opinion as Rain that change is the only thing that will save them Honor is the most important thing for the Fey race, and Rain s and Ellie rule is bringing changes than the Fey ever wanted To the Fey, change is like discarding everything they ever built, all their teachings, all their lives But even so if they do not change all will be lost Rain is, in my opinion, a fitting ruler, who does his best to save his own race, as well as Tairen race, no matter what the cost Ellie, however, needs to find the source of the deaths of the Tairen younglings, improve her abilities, find out about being Tairen Soul and deepen her bond with Rain She, once again, proved to be a strong heroine, a fitting Queen and most of all, I loved the fact that she doesn t give up Ellie s and Rain s relationship is going better as well I loved their interactions, I loved how they cared for each other and how they supported each other after some arguments first but, what i wanted to say is, that they listened to each other and made decisions best for them all SERIOUS SPOILERSview spoiler I was mindblown with the fact that it was the Eld Mage Vadim who was the one killing the kitlings, in order to make Tairen Souls for himself At first, i thought the timing was suspicious but i never connected it So it turns out that Ellie is, in fact, one of the Vadim s Tairen Souls, which is why her Tairen song could not have been heard in the Tairen clan hide spoiler This is a combined review over the 5 books of this Series.OKso I read all 5 of this series non stop this weekendI just couldn t put this series down for the life of me.Yes, it does drag on in parts and found myself skimming over paragraphs but overall this was a freakin fantastic series full of Fey, Dragons, Mages, Elves and so many other charactersbutwho won my heart Ellie shitshe was a perfect main character and stole the book for me From the beginning, the way the author developed her character was perfect and sublime Rain Another freaking awesome charactershit, I might as just say that all the characters in this book stole a piece of my heart The one thing I m a bit upset about is that I don t see any books for Ellie s little sisters and their brave Fey warriors who protected them I would have loved to see from this series from the secondary characters. Wilson hits the mark once again with this the third installment in Wilson s Tairen Souls series The characters are finally coming into their own and Elly is FINALLY learning to let go and trust her mate Not enough to complete the bond, which is sorta frustrating, but she s getting there And let me tell you, these two are generating some steam when they get together In KOSS, Elly and Rain are on their way to The Fading Lands, the home of the Fey and where Rain is King This book focuses much on a lingering mystery, thread through out the series why the Kits of the Tairen the winged ferocious cats of which Rain just happens to transform into are dying before they are hatched The Tairen are the source of magic for the Fey and if they die out, so does the land.Rain is sure Elly has the answers, after all, the all seeing eye originally sent him to her when he sought answers for himself Elly is not so sure But she s willing to try.Rain also has another reason for getting her into the Fading lands protection The Big Bad Vadim Maur Evil Mages of Eld are still after his powerful mate and only the fading lands can protect her.All the side characters are here as well and help to fight off the Mages, though not everyone in the Fading Lands is happy about Rain s choice as mate who will someday, of course, be Queen She s been marked by evil, how can such a one lead in purity But in the end, Elly s strength will defeat all murmurers and back biters have no fear Things really came together for me in this installment even though it ends on a cliff hanger.Wilson really does some quality work If you like fantasy then THIS is a must read I know it s weird, but is it normal to be as depressed as I am that I won t get another shot of Wilson s finest before October Argh..You would think after reading all 3 books in this series back to back to back that I would be a little ready to move onbut I m not It s been a long time since I ve been this hooked on a series So here s my second questionIs it better to have read and have to impatiently waitor to have never read something so wonderful at all King of Sword and Sky (Tairen Soul, #3)

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C.L Wilsons unique blend of pulse pounding action, sweeping epic fantasy, and passionate romance has made her books a favorite read for romance and fantasy readers alike Praised for exceptional worldbuilding and lyric prose, her critically acclaimed novels have regularly appeared on bestseller lists including the USA Today, the New York Times, and Publishers Weekly.C.Ls novels have won numerous

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